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Client Management Program

Relationships built on trust, reliability, and dependability

At RMSI, we have always believed that the key to building successful professional relationships with our clients and partners entails, going beyond business and positioning ourselves as an offshore extension of their own organizations. We believe in retaining our clients and nurturing the bond that we develop while working with them.

With a 75% repeat business, RMSI has in place a sophisticated Client Management Program (CMP), through which we engage in communication with our clients at all levels within their organizations. This improves our understanding of our clients' businesses, and helps the clients to view RMSI as an extension of their own organization.

RMSI's Client Management Programme (CMP) helps develop and maintain long-term relationships by anticipating and acting on client needs, which helps build a business relationship based on confidence, loyalty, and trust.

Accessed via a secure, web enabled environment, the program facilitates structured, as well as informal information sharing and communication between client and RMSI project teams.

A dedicated client engagement team at RMSI comprising account managers, and the top management runs this program at the highest level, acting on behalf of the clients, protecting their interests, constantly communicating with them, seeking regular feedback and appraisal, and ensuring that expectations are met.

The RMSI Client Management Program has always met with outstanding support from clients and partners, and this two-way interaction has gone a long way in strengthening trust and building the high comfort level that we share with them today.