Auto Conflation – An Emerging Geospatial Trend in the Utility Industry

By Rahul Krishna Pandey, Published on: 30th April 2018

Today, utilities face the challenge of improving spatial accuracy and data integrity of network assets when aligning them to real world systems. Quality and accuracy of geospatial datasets not only possess significant constraint at the time of modernizing or transforming utility commodity services such as increasing demand, generation, transmission, and […]


Fighting Floods with Interfacial Vegetation – An innovative approach

By Prateek Singh, Published on: 13th April 2018

In this age of rapid land development and increasing climate variability, the world is witnessing frequent incidents of inundated cities. Globally, urban floods are costing billions of economic and capital losses each year. Even the mildest flood situations in urban cities can bring down the traffic to a standstill which creates […]