ConflateX™ – Fulfilling Custom Conflation Needs of the Utility Industry

By SriRam Prasad Bhaskar, Published on: 19th April 2019

Every Utility Network’s Conflation process has intricate business rules. Assets / structures always have a geometric and spatial relationship with their respective linear network. In the real world scenario, we will have instances where the network alignment and relative spatial positions will be different at different locations. Shift between linear […]


Data Validation – Empowering Utility Business Systems’ Effectiveness!

By Rahul Krishna Pandey, Published on: 2nd April 2019

In our earlier data accuracy blog series, Robert Brook advocated why utilities, need accurate data to get accurate results In fact, business transformation is built on a foundation of accurate data. Similarly data validation plays a vital role to meet one’s business objectives!   Data Validation – Why it’s so important!  […]