RMSI Cropalytics Unveils Crop Outlook Report for Kharif 2020 Season

By Ragini and Anupreet, Published on: 16th June 2020

Over the last two decades, changes in the climatic conditions and erratic weather patterns have caused large-scale variations in crop production across the country. Forecasting crop production before any season’s harvest aids in a better understanding of the underlying risks and taking suitable measures for strategizing agri-input and commodity requirements. […]


HD Maps After the Hype

By Hugo Van Der Linde, Published on: 3rd June 2020

While automated driving is getting beyond the hype, HD map development is shifting into a more mature phase. Around five years ago the hype around Automated Driving (AD) was at its peak, with HD mapping in its slipstream. Although Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) had been around for some time, […]