Reflecting on the Fulfilling Journey of Giving

By Swati Kapur, Published on: 22nd December 2023

“Will you please tell Santa that instead of presents this year, I just want my family back.” – Home Alone Remember that Christmas in the famous movie ‘’Home Alone’’, when Kevin wished for his family to be back rather than getting presents from Santa? We all crave connection, belonging, and […]


Reclaiming the River: Why Floodplains Should Be Left Untouched

By Dipesh Saurabh, Published on: 18th December 2023

This monsoon in Delhi has witnessed a lot of unexpected chaos in the National Capital due to heavy rains and the release of water from upstream (i.e., Hathnikund Barrage), causing much suffering to Delhiites living near the Yamuna River banks. Some technical glitches in flood regulation gates (especially at the […]