Leaders Speak – Frank Roberts talks about the necessity of Upgrading to ArcMap 10.8.1 and Strategizing your Transition from GN to UN

By Frank Roberts, Published on: 27th February 2024

1. What are some of the recent major challenges faced by utilities, and how are they adapting to newer technologies to cope with them? Utilities are facing several major challenges, including aging infrastructure, climate change, cybersecurity threats, customer expectations, regulatory compliance, and workforce management. To address these challenges, the utilities […]


The Role of Oasis in NatCat Modeling: Enhancing Resilience through Multi-model Advanced Risk Assessment

By Amrita Sodhi, Published on: 5th February 2024

Global Insurance Industry Scenario With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, Insurers recognize the need to obtain precise information to effectively evaluate and manage potential risks. The increasing sense of urgency has emphasized the requirement for sophisticated, science-driven technological solutions to enhance risk assessment methodologies. It highlights the […]