Are India’s Smart Cities Resilient to Natural Hazard Risks?

By Dr. Muralikrishna M, Published on: 1st April 2017

India’s bid to develop 100 smart cities to boost the nation’s economy seems to be at odds with the recent urban floods in Gurgaon and Bangalore, and of course the devastating Chennai floods in 2015. These instances of massive water logging and urban flooding in cities that have been known […]


Rising Urban Floods in the Country

By Shivangi Agarwal, Published on: 15th January 2017

From the recent flooding chaos in Gurgaon and Bangalore to the Chennai floods in 2015, these events are true examples of how demographic changes and mindless urbanization lead to urban flooding.  It’s high time for the municipal authorities to focus on more sustainable planning, to avoid such incidents in the […]