Industry leading practices focused on employee well-being

Holistic Wellness

Encouraging mental health & wellness through regular workshops

At RMSI, employee well-being is the highest priority! In our endeavour to promote holistic health and wellness, people are offered comprehensive support across various facets of physical fitness, mental and emotional well-being. Physical fitness is encouraged through access to a wide range of health advisories, sessions/chats with specialist doctors, stress management, yoga, meditation techniques and cardio sessions. The big focus is on mental well-being through regular programs on mindfulness, resilience, ‘Art of Living’ workshops and counselling sessions with psychologists, for professional and personal life care.

Core values are in our DNA!

Continuous Learning

Wide spectrum of opportunities for upskilling

As an organization, we aim to provide a wide spectrum of learning and growth opportunities to our people. There is a sharp focus on development through byte size learning, upskilling and cross-skilling on the latest technologies through a host of development initiatives.

Fostering collaboration and camaraderie

Diverse skillsets coming together to accomplish objectives

Collaboration is an integral part of our culture and is ingrained into the work environment. People with diverse skill sets come together to effectively accomplish organizational objectives. Several initiatives are organized throughout the year to strengthen trust, collaboration and camaraderie.

A glimpse into our culture


At RMSI, we engage people through an array of exciting activities to beat the stress and unwind. Employees are encouraged to pursue their passion through different employee clubs – cycling, travelling, photography and the music band which proudly calls itself – ROAMANS!

Wellness Initiatives

We have adopted a 360-degree approach to wellness. Programs are specially designed to cover physical fitness, nutrition, mental and emotional health, and financial well-being. Our aim is to promote employee wellness in all aspects of people’s lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through ‘Helping Hands’, a platform that enables employees to work towards contributing to the community at large, employees are given the opportunity to volunteer for social causes close to their heart.

Employee Development

On your journey with RMSI, you will gain exposure to leading technologies, get coached by the best domain and technology specialists and get mentored by highly experienced thought leaders of the industry.