Digitizing Local Land Records into a Central Digital Register as part of the Local Land Charges (LLC) Programme – England & Wales


The client is United Kingdom’s largest non-ministerial government department. This organization has a track record for modernizing land-related systems and plays a critical role in supporting the Government’s housing and infrastructure objectives.   



The existing maintenance system faces challenges of incomplete Spatial Data as considerable data is in different formats & hard copies. Furthermore, understanding the data formats of each of the local authority and processing it in line with HMLR data schema of the centralized register is a huge challenge.


Business Requirement

The objective of the LLC Programme is to take all the English and Welsh local authority registers and replace them with a single digital register. Resulting in becoming the sole registering authority and official search provider for LLC.


RMSI Solution

As part of this LLC Programme, RMSI was commissioned to process data for 331 Local authorities in a phased approach across England and Wales for which the data is to be digitized and transformed into a live digital register. Around 4 million records are to be processed over a period of 3 years.
RMSI has set up a team of GIS professionals having expertise and capabilities in transforming large set of text data and capturing/cleaning of spatial data. The team has created a workflow management system. for capturing of data and spatial geometry into the required schema as agreed by the client.


Technology Used

  • Customized ArcGIS applications to handle large datasets
  • ML based in-built tools for data capturing
  • Web based in-built tools for data verification
  • AWS usage for production activities and final data storage
  • Automatic validation tools with the embedded business rules.


Client Benefits

The outcomes of this project will assist in providing in a standardized, easy-to-read, digital format. All the data will be publicly available in live database which provides instant online search results with 24/7 access to the data and many other use cases. The data will be captured, which will eventually migrate into the client’s database.