Q1. Who will be the healthcare provider for health benefits in US?

Ans– Health care benefits will be provided from local carrier in US. Plans of different carriers are compared and best plan is selected for our employees.

Q2. Will health plan be provided for people who are below 65 age groups?

Ans- Health benefits includes all age group below 65 group.

Q3. Are these benefits available to me immediately or is there a probation period from our official start date?

Ans- The benefits are available from day one. There is waiting period.

Q4. Will RMSI cover any of percentage of the premium cost of healthcare or is it 100% borne by the employee?

Ans- Yes, RMSI will co-pay for the cost of the medical and vision plan

Q5. Is there a possibility for a 401k in the future?

Ans- RMSI reviews its policies from time to time. RMSI may implement new benefits in future. This is a continuous process.

Q6. Will the leaves (sick/annual) accrued with Apex get carried over to RMSI?

Ans- You have to utilize any leave balance that you may have with the current employer. Since this is a new employment, the leave balance with previous employer will not be carried forward.

Q7. How many paid time off I can avail in a year?

Ans- Employees will be entitled for six (6) days of paid time off, three (3) days sick days and ten (10) public holidays as per the policies of the organization in a calendar year. Given are the national/public holidays:

  1. Martin Luther King Day

  2. Washington’s Birthday

  3. Memorial Day

  4. Independence Day

  5. Labor Day

  6. Columbus Day

  7. Veterans Day

  8. Thanksgiving

  9. Christmas Day

  10. New Year’s Day

Q8. How is RMSI going to handle people who have been contracting with Apple on visa- H1, H2, F1-OPT?

Ans– Individual on respective work visa will be transferred as it is. Wherever transfer of visa is required, RMSI will take decision accordingly.

Q9. What is the process of OPT employer transfer?

Ans- As per process, individual are required to fill form I-983 and get it signed from employer and further share with department for processing.

Q10.How RMSI will setup my payroll?

Ans- Upon joining, individual will get auto generated email link from our payroll vendor. Individual has to fill the setup form on the link for his/her payroll setup.

Q11. How I will be enrolled in health benefit plan?

Ans- Upon joining, individual will get an e-mail link from our healthcare provider. Employees have to fill the details for enrollment. Contribution will get deducted accordingly. 

Q12. How will I get my ID card?

Ans- Upon sharing required details with HR, Employees will receive ID cards within two weeks of joining.

Q13. What is the payroll process – Monthly/Bi-weekly or Weekly?

Ans– Payroll for all employees will be processed on a weekly basis and salary will be credited directly into employee’s account on every Friday by end of the day. First payroll will be processed on 24th November, 21.

Q14. Where will I see my weekly payslip?

Ans- Individual can see their weekly payslip on the portal shared by RMSI’s payroll vendor.

Q15.How daily attendance will be tracked?

Ans- Individuals are required to enter daily in-time and out-time on our employee portal

Q16. How do I apply for paid time off?

Ans- Employees can apply for paid time off on the RMSI employee portal

Q17. Will RMSI follow remote work decisions based on local govt/Apple policies?

Ans- ‘Work from home’ versus resuming work from office will be governed by Apple’s H&S policies.

Q18. Will there be yearly evaluations/raises for employees?

Ans- Appraisals will be done as per RMSI’s appraisal cycle from Apr-Mar every year. Employees are eligible for appraisals after one year of service with the organization.

Q19. Is RMSI enrolled in E-Verify program?

Ans- Yes, RMSI got registered in E-Verify program in mid-Oct’21. As per process, USCIS updates their data search tool at the beginning of October, January, April, and July after every quarter so it should be visible on search tool accordingly. Given is the company name and ID Number:

  • Company Name- RMSI North America Inc

  • Company ID number- 1749974

Q20. Has there been update on tentatively reopening of offices?

Ans- As of now, all employees will be working remotely. Information about opening of offices will be shared with employees as and when Apple decides to open offices

Q21. If I have any questions/queries, who do I write to?

You  can write to us on the e-mail address at krishnapriya.agrawal@rmsi.com / manas.paira@rmsi.com

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