Enabling the Utility of Tomorrow

With ever growing assets, infrastructure and diverse business processes, Utilities of tomorrow face a greater challenge in their asset data management and need to transform to being more proactive & adaptive. They need to be more sustainable, operationally more reliable and efficient, and need to focus on proactive asset management resulting in predictive maintenance.

Progressive Utilities which are ready for tomorrow are investing in enterprise asset management. However, while they have invested in the systems and platforms, they are still not able to realize the full value of these investments.

RMSI provides end to end integrated solutions for asset data management to clients ranging from data readiness studies, field verifications to data consolidation, conflation, migration, maintenance and optimization.

Our typical engagement plan includes two week data readiness and gap analysis study – where we we interact with all departments and teams that have an interface with or use the asset data. Based on the findings of the study, we develop a roadmap and strategy for integrated asset data management life-cycle. This is followed by transition & go-live of our program.

This integrated end-to-end asset data management approach is what differentiates RMSI from other solution providers in the industry.

Why utilities choose us?

  • Scale and proven experience in the utility industry
  •  Extensive experience of working across all the departments of the utility and across the life cycle stages of data
  • Ability to manage all vendors if required, with a clear charter to own the management of the entire asset data life-cycle
  • Ability to meet data requirements in a reliable, predictable and cost efficient manner


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