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Your Utility Network Partner
Booth #210

Esri GeoConX is the industry-leading event where professionals from Esri’s Electric and Gas User Group (EGUG) and Telecommunications User Group (TelUG) converge to network, collaborate, and learn as a larger, unified community.

RMSI is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at this year’s Esri GeoConX 2019 that runs from October 27th through 30th at Atlanta, Georgia. RMSI is recognized as an ESRI Utility Network Management Specialty and is helping utilities to gear up for transition to the Esri utility network model through its UNDT (Utility Network Digital Transformation) framework. Our team has a comprehensive 7 set process for water fall migrations and an innovative staged approach for larger utilities.

At the conference, RMSI will showcase its data and utility network capabilities. We are prepared to show our powerful industry tested ConflateX product, and discuss how our experience content team can help you lower the cost and lifecycle time of a-sbuilt and design data, auto-extract the information needed to create mid to high level data stores, and help you analyze your existing information to extract effort and cost efficiencies.

We invite you to visit our booth # 210, and meet our subject matter experts to talk about the reasons for moving to the new utility network, benefits every organization can achieve from this transition and a creative plan for using your existing budgets to move forward.

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Booth #210

Give us the opportunity to understand your needs and offer you innovative solutions.

Write to amit.rishi@rmsi.com

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Utility Network

RMSI have an innovate approach to the Utility Network. Some organizations have clear benefits, strong organizational alignment and are ready to develop a business case and move forward. These utilities we have a 7-step waterfall process to move you effectively and efficiently. Other organizations see a number of benefits but each will require different levels of effort to realize, have recently completed expensive integration, have existing rate cases or long range plans that don’t include the utility network or have challenging political environment that mean they will need to deploy the Utility Network in stages. We have an innovative approach for you! One that leverages your existing plan, delivers quick wins and lets you plan for more complicated expensive components.

To support our approach, we have leveraged our domain knowledge, Esri understanding to developed a series of solutions that come together in what we call the Utility Network Digital Transformation (UNDT).  Key highlights include

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Asset Data Lifecycle Management

Utilities are struggling to realize the benefits of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). One of the key reason is not getting reliable, up-to-date and actionable asset information from EAM. These platforms are not able to solve the information challenge by themselves as they need high quality data. There is also a larger focus on the IT component of EAM and absence of a well defined Enterprise Asset Data Life-Cycle Management program to ensure data quality.

RMSI provides end to end asset data management solutions comprising data readiness studies, data collection, consolidation, migration, maintenance, and optimization. Our typical engagement includes a two-week data readiness and gap analysis study wherein we interact with all departments and teams that have an interface with or use asset data. Based on the findings of the study, we develop a roadmap for asset data management life-cycle. This is followed by transition and go-live of our engagement.

We focus on building a dedicated asset data life-cycle management program that includes data profiling, collation, quality assessment, cleansing, testing, validation, and maintenance to ensure the asset data quality. This is a multi step program with three key stages:

Assessment & Planning



Key services include:

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Next Generation Auto Conflation

ConflateX™ is a scalable data conflation solution that addresses the key business challenges of improving spatial accuracy and data integrity of network assets by aligning them to a more precise and accurate real world system.

The solution helps utilities in handling their increasing need to deploy integrated and more spatially accurate network data. This helps them in managing reliable asset networks efficiently while meeting stringent safety and regulatory requirements.

ConflateX™ has industry specific workflows that can be further customized, utilizing both automated and interactive conflation techniques to achieve operational objectives.

Solution Highlights

Business Benefits

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