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RMSI (www.rmsi.com) is a leading provider of end to end integrated solutions for each stage of the utilities and communications value chain. RMSI helps utility companies achieve their twin objectives of improving efficiency & reliability, and reducing costs. RMSI is recognized as an ESRI Utility Network Management Specialty and is helping utilities to gear up for transition to the new Esri utility network model through its proprietary UNDT (Utility Network Digital Transformation) framework.

In the mapping domain, RMSI provides map data development, maintenance and enhancement services and has over two decades of experience of working with large global companies. We are working on some of the largest map production and maintenance projects in the world that required significant ramp up and training within a short turnaround time.

RMSI has an in-house team of over 3,800 mapping specialists, and have a demonstrable experience of working on large map data and utility projects across the world.

For more information on our  utility and mapping solutions, click below:

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