Volume - V, 2017

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Current Development Projects

Development of an Electronic Database & Information Management System, Uganda

Client: The World Bank

The World Bank Group’s Carbon Finance Unit has initiated the Carbon Initiative for Development (Ci-Dev), whose mission is to use result-based finance to promote energy access project in the least developed countries.

- The overall objective of the project is to increase energy access to rural households who are not connected to the national grid.


Data Collection from various sources to create a centralized database for Web-based Electronic Database and Information Management System, Mobile application database design based on attribute/information

Implementation of an electronic database management system with tools to store validates, analyze, and extract one-time end-user information for every grid-connected household

Development of a mobile application capable of collecting and storing user and service provider related information at the entry point for each connected household


Development of an institutional structure for the operation of the electronic database and information management system which will meet the needs of REA for tracking of rural electrification program

Ready to use data of energy consumption of all electrified homes in the country in an electronic database

Monitoring of targets of electrification and tracking of carbon consumption online and provision of online reports for all the vendors who are helping them in electrification


Development and Launch of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Open Data Portal

Client: The World Bank

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is the primary statistical arm of the Government. PSA is responsible for national censuses and surveys, collection and compilation of data, statistics, consolidation of selected administrative recording systems, and compilation of national accounts. Open STAT is PSA's Open Data Portal.

The main objective of project is to make available the statistical data collected and compiled by the PSA to the general public for the benefit of end users and to foster a sustainable development of the Nation.


Develop the portal using open source technology

Develop a device responsive website to publish PSA’s repository of statistical data

Develop the portal using a data management system (DMS) using CKAN for online streaming, publishing, sharing, discovering and utilizing data

Develop the portal using a content management system (CMS) that integrated efficiently with CKAN DMS

Ensure open data portal conformed to reasonable security features as advised by the DICT

Provide training to the portal administrators, persons who load the dataset in the portal, person


Enable end users to discover and reuse data at one place in a data portal instead of using data stored at several departments in the government. The value of the data gets multiplied if they are made discoverable and accessible in a public portal.

The portal will further help in developing and publishing statistical data and other relevant data in an open and machine readable format. This will help in improving efficiency of administration and bureaucracy which will promote efficient commitment to the public.

In Focus

Developing a Cyclone Hazard and Risk Atlas for India


Recent Wins

Climate Change Scenario Modeling and Risk Assessment, Lesotho


Multi-Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA) for the Cities - Shillong (Meghalaya), and Cuttack (Odisha)



3rd International Conference on the Status & Future of the World's Large Rivers, 18 - 21 April 2017, New Delhi

14th Insurance & Reinsurance Carthage Meeting, 26 - 28 March 2017, Tunis

FICCI 10th India Climate Policy and Policy Business Conclave, 23 - 24 March 2017, New Delhi

2017 GARI (Global Adaptation & Resilience Investment Working Group) Kick off Meeting, 31st January 2017, New York

Expert in Focus

Pratul Srivastava


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