RMSI’s consulting services are focused on helping clients to conceptualize big data programs across their organization and gain business insights from their data. This involves formalizing strategy for IT transformation through data consolidation, storage and analysis.

In this process, various data sources such as enterprise databases of applications, log files, images, videos, audios, social network data, customer data etc are evaluated to recommend business use cases to gain insights and improvise business processes and thus driving profitability. We also implement proof of concepts to showcase agreed use cases and their benefits to business. Key solutions include:

  • Strategic roadmap
  • Technology evaluation & recommendation
  • Use case & architecture consulting
  • Proof of concept implementation

Enterprise Data Lake

RMSI has a Big Data framework “5V-DIA” for implementation of Enterprise Data Lake . This is a Hadoop-based technology framework that addresses key business challenges of data integration and generation of insights from high volume structured and unstructured data sets.
RMSI’s 5V-DIA framework effectively addresses the hurdles related to consolidation & migration of the client’s legacy systems and integration with multiple structured/unstructured datasets to deliver real-time analytics.

This framework is based on open source technologies that enable organizations to migrate and augment their traditional data warehouse to Hadoop based warehousing solution. It ingests multiple sources of data in batch or real time, cleanses and generates an Enterprise Data lake.  Key services include:

  • Unified Data Model (UDM)
  • Enterprise data integration
  • Data warehouse augmentation and modernization
  • Data security management


Our implementation team specializes in various Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Map Reduce, Pig, No-SQL to implement Enterprise big data solutions. Through our focused analysis and strong partnership with big data product vendors, we help our clients achieve operational efficiencies and gain long term profits. Key services include:

  • Infrastructure setup
  • Design, development, integration & deployment of enterprise solutions
  • Support and optimization of big data solutions

Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics add value by delivering intelligence about your business that enables better decisions. It also provides support in predicting business trends and customer behavior for both short and long term business planning.

RMSI provides comprehensive solutions for big data analytics, business intelligence and predictive analytics in which data is analyzed and information is presented to the business stakeholders to make effective decisions.  Our services also include implementation of dashboards, reports and analytics tools on integrated data. As part of our evaluation phase, we also evaluate and integrate the client’s existing reporting solutions along with the big data stack. Key offerings include:

  • Industry specific dashboards
  • Statistical analytics
  • Reports/visualization & analytics tools
  • Integration with existing reporting solutions