Imagery Services


Remote Sensing

RMSI’s remote sensing imagery services range from satellite image procurement from national & international agencies / imagery providers to image processing, interpretation and image analysis for various applications.

Our remote sensing services are used for macro level applications such as land use planning, natural resource management, watershed management, wasteland mapping, corridor mapping for industrial zone, dam site identifications and livelihood development. Our services include

  • Seamless raster data products
  • Terrain Mapping & Digital Elevation Modeling
  • Land use/ Land cover (LULC) Classification
  • Change Detection Mapping & Analysis
  • Advance Spatial Analysis


RMSI provides photogrammetry services for more accurate needs such as 3D building high resolution databases that are created using the most recent high resolution stereo pair aerial photographs, satellite imagery, best available topographic maps, field inputs and  information available from secondary sources. The data layers provided as part of such a database are Digital Surface Model (DSM), Building Height Model (BHM), Vegetation model,  Digital Terrain model (DTM), Land Use data (Clutter data), Vectors, Orthoimage, and Text. We utilize our own proprietary photogrammetric tools as well as commercial photogrammetric software and processes. Our services include:

  • Aerial Triangulation – Orientation and Adjustment of Aerial/Satellite Stereo Pairs
  • Ortho Photo Generation
  • 3D City Models using Mono / Stereo Images
  • Digital Terrain Modeling and 3D Visualization
  • DEM and Contour generation from Stereo images
  • Photorealistic 3D Landmarks
  • Photorealistic 3D Building Data
  • 3D Geo databases – Stereo Data Extraction – Feature Mapping


RMSI offers processing of high precision LiDAR datasets and deliver the outputs in computer-aided design (CAD) and geographic information system (GIS) formats. We utilize commercial as well as open source software for LiDAR data processing. Key services include:

  • Digital Elevation Model
  • Land Use Classification
  • Feature Extraction like buildings, trees, roads, roadside feature, power lines etc.
  • Stereo Data Extraction – Feature Mapping