Building water resilience through better flood management

RMSI provides technical and consulting services in the areas of water resource management, flood risk assessment and mitigation planning at urban, catchment and national levels. RMSI adopts an integrated approach using simulation and modeling techniques backed by GIS and IT to provide cost effective solutions. Our expertise lies in hydrology, hydraulics, probabilistic hydro-meteorological hazard modeling, and climate change impact assessment. .

RMSI has extensive experience of working with multi lateral funding agencies, governments and private enterprises engaged in water resources sector. We have a notable experience of having modeled various large river basins throughout the world, such as Zambezi, Limpopo, Mekong, Cagayan, and Ganges.


Water Resource Management

RMSI applies its strong rainfall and hydrological modeling expertise to assess the water availability at basin, sub-basin and local levels. We conduct the following types of studies for water resource management:

  • River basin hydrology and water balance studies
  • Integrated water resources planning
  • Stochastic analysis and design storm studies
  • Probable maximum precipitation estimation
  • Hydrological model development
  • Water harvesting studies
  • Climate change impact assessment on water resources, hydro-meteorological risk, rural infrastructure and hydropower

Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning

Globally, flood is the most recurring hazard but is not planned for properly, hence, causing major social and economic losses. RMSI has extensive experience in supporting national/international development agencies to assess the risk from flooding and proposing the best possible mitigation options to reduce the risk. Solutions include:

  • Urban /Flash flood studies
  • 1D/2D inundation modeling
  • Dam break studies
  • Flood mitigation planning and cost benefit analysis
  • Integrated Storm Water Management Systems (ISWMS)

Hydro Informatics

RMSI’s deep domain expertise in water resource planning coupled with GIS and software development helps us to create robust platforms for water resource management. Services include:

  • Development of Hydrological Information Systems (HIS)
  • Development of Decision Support Systems (DSS)

Experience of modeling some of the largest river basins of the world and complex geographies