Food Security

RMSI provides integrated agri-intelligence solutions for the agri-value chain to address impending issues such as food security, sustainable livelihood development and climate smart agriculture. We have a multidisciplinary team comprising of agronomists, pedologists, entomologists, plantation experts, agri-economists, agri-statisticians, soil and livelihood experts.

RMSI adopts a conjunctive approach of using geospatial technology and statistical methods coupled with field surveys to deliver high value agri-solutions. Key services include:

  • IT solution for agro-weather advisory dissemination
  • Climate risk assessment and adaptation
  • Agro-advisory services
    • Crop acreage estimation and production forecast
    • Crop progress monitoring
    • Land suitability analysis
    • Agri-value chain analysis

Climate Change

RMSI provides technical consulting to facilitate developing countries in addressing risks associated with a changing climate. Our experts help develop climate change adaptation plans and strategies that protect and safeguard the livelihood of their communities and societies.

Our solutions include development of climate scenarios at regional and local level through downscaling techniques, sector-specific vulnerability and risk assessment, and cost effective adaptation strategies. Key services include:

  • Climate change scenario analysis
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment (agriculture, water resources, forests, infrastructure)
  • Prioritizing local/ regional level adaptation measures
  • Climate information systems
  • Institutional framework analysis and recommendations
  • Analyzing and facilitating the role of private sector

Resilient Communities & Infrastructure

RMSI provides solutions across the entire spectrum of risk and disaster management cycle encompassing multi-hazard risk assessment and its applications for mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

RMSI has developed an innovative framework of ‘Decision support system for disaster risk reduction’ that utilizes the outcomes of multi-hazard risk assessment for activities performed for mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. This framework has been successfully implemented in several nations of the world and has proven to be an impactful tool for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction. Key services include:

  • Exposure Data Development (population, buildings, infrastructure)
  • Analysis for urban resilience and local resilience action plan
  • Multi-hazard Risk Assessment (earthquake, tsunami, cyclone and surge, flood, drought, landslide, fire)
  • Socio-economic vulnerability analysis
  • Development of risk atlas and decision support systems
  • Mitigation planning and Early Warning Systems

Ecosystem Management

RMSI has demonstrable experience in a variety of forestry applications including sustainable development of forest resources, livelihood planning, prioritization of biodiversity, support services for REDD+ program, carbon sequestration studies, environment & social impact assessment studies and development of forest resource information systems. Key services include:

  • Biodiversity enumeration and conservation studies
  • Habitat suitability modeling
  • Biomass productivity and carbon dynamics
  • Forest Resource Information Systems
  • Sustainable livelihood development planning