Our platform is an AI powered suite of integrated tools for auto labeling and annotation services. It is workflow driven to ensure that fallouts that are not auto curated, are automatically assigned for manual annotation.

Platform Features

Integrated WFM

Conduct real-time workforce allocation to various tasks, optimize workforce productivity by inserting suitable Machine learning models, QC tools and productivity hacks in the workflow, and monitor the workforce performance on the go

OGC Compliant

When using our platform you are not bound to the capabilities within the solution, you can integrate any open standards based datasets and solutions to enhance the overall capabilities

Geo-enabled platform

Associate location to your annotations through a geo-enabled platform thereby making those geography specific

AI & ML Integrated

Independent AI based flexible platform architecture enabling integration with RMSI AI&ML based algorithms as well as 3rd party algorithms

Dynamic Annotation

Annotate anything using the dynamic annotation capability which could be set as a set of rules in the platform based on certain input parameters

Targeted models based on geography variation

Integrate geography specific machine learning models into your workflow to manage large annotation and labeling tasks in shorter timeframes