Case Study - Accurate Annotations on SA Images for a Defence AI Company, Ministry of Defence


The client is a new age defence AI Company developing innovative AI based solutions to protect democracies


Business Requirement

The client required accurate annotations on SAR images to support their Artificial Intelligence project, intended for use by the Ministry of Defence.
Key requirements included:
  • Annotate visible features on Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) images accurately.
  • Manually annotate features using RGB images as a reference.
  • Categorize annotations into predetermined classes such as Terrain, Infrastructure, and Vehicles.
  • Achieve a high level of accuracy in both spatial placement and classifications.


RMSI Solution

RMSI created a precise solution for annotating features on SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images within the project. The workflow included training the team to grasp project specifications and quality standards. During the annotation phase, features on SAR images were manually annotated, guided by reference RGB images. These annotations were categorized into specified classes and subdivisions. Rigorous quality checks were conducted to ensure that the annotations reached a high accuracy level of 95%. Finally, the annotated SAR images were delivered to the client.


Technology Used

Web-based AI/ML-enabled platform provided by the client. This was utilized for image annotation, collaboration, and data management.


Client Benefits

The client benefited from the project in several ways, including the delivery of accurate annotations that met the high standards necessary for AI and Ministry of Defence applications. The project ensured comprehensive coverage of all features in the SAR images and achieved precise classification accuracy according to predetermined classes. Furthermore, the project was successfully completed to meet the client’s requirements and quality standards. The annotated data obtained could be seamlessly integrated into the client’s AI project, enhancing their capabilities and decision-making processes.