Case Study - Traffic Sign Verification for an Infra Asset Management AI Solution Provider, Netherlands​


The client specializes in AI solutions for Infra Asset Management bringing together large-scale data collection and data enrichment with artificial intelligence


Business Requirement

The client required accurate verification of traffic signs to enhance the quality and reliability of AI-based infrastructure solutions.
Key requirements included:
  • Verify the accuracy of traffic signs captured by AI modules in mobile mapping survey output.
  • Ensure the correct extraction, location placement, sign type, and carrier type of traffic signs.
  • Identify and capture missing signs in locations where the AI module already extracted signs.
  • Maintain a high-quality threshold of 98% throughout the project.


RMSI Solution

RMSI implemented a comprehensive solution for traffic sign verification in the client’s project. This involved training the verification team, verifying traffic signs identified by AI modules (including extraction, placement, sign type, and carrier type), maintaining a 98% quality threshold through 100% quality control, ongoing quality assurance checks, and delivery


Technology Used

  • Kaios Proprietary Applications
  • Citrix Machines
  • Web-based sign data dictionary
  • Online Google presentation


Client Benefits

The project focused on improving accuracy in traffic sign verification, achieving a 98% quality threshold, and ensuring data completeness by capturing missing signs. The client expressed satisfaction with the project’s progress, responsiveness to queries, and the overall quality of RMSI’s work.