Diversity and Inclusion@RMSI

Celebrating what makes each one of us unique

RMSI is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, with fairness and equity as important tenets of our culture. We stand for equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, religion, or economic status. We strongly believe that the unique perspectives of our diverse workforce are central to our success.

Actively working on empowering underprivileged women, specially-abled youth, and the LGBTQ+ community

Over 60% of RMSI’s hiring in North America is from under-represented communities (URCs)

Aided in upskilling of over 750 disadvantaged women, the specially-abled, and individuals from LGBTQ+ community/URCs

“RMSI’s equitable culture ensures that everyone is respected and heard, and can work productively in an environment free from bias of any kind. Our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in all facets of our operations.”

Equal Opportunity

At RMSI, building a workplace that represents the real world is the key. We promise equal opportunity to all, irrespective of age, gender or sexual preferences. We actively engage with organizations globally to develop talent and create livelihood opportunities for differently-abled, LGBTQi and under privileged communities.

“We strongly believe that the intellectual abilities of each individual will collectively propel long-term growth of the organization. “


RMSI’s core values are the very foundation of its people practices. ‘Trust’, ‘Fairness’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Innovation’ are at the heart of everything we do. The workplace empowers people to think beyond the obvious and take decisions independently. Everyone’s opinion matters; people feel valued as they contribute to business success.

Zero Tolerance

Our people practices foster an inclusive work environment. People are welcomed from all communities, cultural backgrounds, races and ethnicities. There is zero tolerance and the organization is committed to an environment free of harassment, exploitation and discrimination of any kind.

Exploring Potential

We nurture talent. People have opportunities for personal and professional development. They pursue personal interests, hobbies and develop capabilities through continuous learning and experimenting. Access to latest technology driven self-paced learnings, up-skilling and cross-skilling enables people to explore their potential and build successful careers!

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