Geospatial Data Capture & Maintenance for Great Britain’s National Mapping Agency


One of the largest producers’ of maps; Great Britain’s national mapping agency responsible for the official, definitive topographic survey and mapping of Great Britain.    


Business Requirement

The client required services to collect, emend, and improve geospatial information within Great Britain to maintain the currency, accuracy and information content of Ordnance Survey’s core database(s).
There updates are classified into:
  • Geospatial Revision (Real World Change)
  • Geospatial Refinement and Correction
  • Urban area updates at 1:1250 map scale using Stereo Imagery and Field Survey Inputs
  • Rural area updates at 1:2500 map scale using Ortho Imagery and Field Survey Inputs


RMSI Solution

For this 4 years long term project, RMSI set up a team of professionals having expertise in complex data updation, application development and workflow management to facilitate process driven throughput for this 4 years long term project.
Ensuring the quality, RMSI team created well-defined specification driven processes, trainings and documentation to update data for different land type – like rural, moorland and urban. This included setting up the required infrastructure and trained resources to cater to project requirements.


Technology Used

  • ESRI Arc Editor
  • Object Editor (OS provided editing environment)
  • GPS based field survey
The project included significant activities such as:
  • Rural and moorland edits using Ortho images as per OSGB rulebase
  • Urban area edits using photogrammetric 3D visualization as per OSGB rule base
  • Performing automated logical checks to ensure completeness and consistency of data and database
  • Development of a Web based Work Management System (WMS) which includes Project Health Review and a Query Management interface.


Client Benefits

  • Desired throughputs in short turnaround time
  • Cost and capacity to meet their commitments in the given timeframe
  • Year on Year the efficiency gained by RMSI is benefit to client on Price