ESRI Utility Network Model | RMSI

RMSI can help you migrate to the new Utility Network Model

RMSI has launched the Utility Network Digital Transformation (UNDT); a streamlined solution for taking data from a Geometric Network to the Utility Network. RMSI’s strategy is to build a value focused, multiyear migration plan that reduces costs by leveraging existing capital programs, and rolls out benefits according to need/cost.

What is UNDT?

The UNDT is an end to end solution for migrating to the new Utility Network. The solution is a multistep process for assessing a utility’s ability to migrate, completing the necessary reparations, migrating the data and deploying business solution and integration. Through UNDT you define a plan for data, system, solution and integration deployment that fits your needs and your budget.


UNDT assesses a utility’s ability to migrate, performs the initial migration and then through replication (the Twin) establishes an environment allowing an operator to define the schedule associated with operational integrations (ADMS, OMS, WMS etc).

With UNDT, an operator can take advantage of its key benefits, while creating a long term integration plan thereby reducing initial implementation costs, facilitating, budgeting and taking advantage of other planned enterprise upgrade programs. UNDT enables a company to evolve, while sustaining its KPIs such as program performance, efficiency and safety.

UNDT Framework

“We engage with our clients to make their data ready, review their migration challenges and plan a smooth and optimized transition to the new model.”

Why Utilities Choose RMSI and UNDT?

  • Esri Business Partner for over two decades with new ESRI Utility Network Management Specialty
  • Proven, referenceable experience of migrating enterprise level data. We use an efficient, repeatable data readiness assessment process so you can start planning quickly and inexpensively.
  • We build a value focused, multiyear migration plan that leveraging existing capital programs.