Annotation & Labeling

With more than twenty years of expertise, RMSI excels in providing enterprise-grade custom annotation and labeling services. Our comprehensive solution caters to your training data requirements, utilizing a blend of automated tools and human annotators to minimize curation errors, all orchestrated through a robust AI-driven platform.
We specialize in enhancing and custom annotating data to align with diverse industry needs, facilitating timely and cost-effective training of your AI models. Our services span from image labeling to crafting top-notch datasets tailored for Machine Learning, enabling you to derive actionable insights from a multitude of unstructured data sources.
Our distinctive approach blends human annotators with cutting-edge AI tools, making it a versatile solution capable of tackling a diverse spectrum of industry use cases
We utilize a wide array of input sources including Image, Video, Lidar and Text to provide enterprise grade custom annotation & labelling services.

Industries / Sector we specialize in


Develop robust computer vision systems for applications such as self-driving cars, intelligent navigation systems, and AI-enhanced traffic management, as well as various other transportation mechanisms


Acquire precision annotation solutions tailored for the Manufacturing sector, enabling the generation of meticulous training data essential for advancing industrial automation, quality control, and process optimization using state-of-the-art AI technologies.


Access high-quality training data to facilitate the automation of clinical processes using Medical AI. Employ machine learning techniques to enhance healthcare delivery, diagnostics, and drug discovery through the application of predictive analytics.


Secure top-tier annotation services for Sports AI, ensuring the provision of high-quality training data crucial for optimizing sports analytics, performance tracking, and enhancing the overall sports experience through cutting-edge AI applications.


Access superior training data resources to empower geospatial models in their mission to detect and extract real-world objects and events from geospatial or aerial imagery. Harness the capabilities of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enhance your geospatial insights and applications.

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Case Studies

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