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Leveraging Location Intelligence for Impactful Marketing Strategies

By Pragati Tripathi, Published on: 18th August 2022

Location-based marketing helps companies focus on consumers at an individual level, which also increases the level of awareness of the customer regarding the goods and services available to them in close vicinity. A business can target a user based on the user’s location by utilizing GPS in outdoor environments or […]


Shifting Coastlines – An Indicator of Global Climate Change Impact

By Niva Srivastava, Published on: 21st July 2022

Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and more intense storms; global warming is causing these visible effects in the environment by increasing carbon dioxide levels and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and ocean. According to the latest Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, it is expected that the global […]


Autonomous Vehicle Market Scape and Future Growth Drivers

By Shashank Mishra, Published on: 30th June 2022

The automotive industry is at the cusp of a revolution fuelled by technological and business innovations. On the technology side, we have the advent of EVs, IoT, 5G, and AI/ML, which are not just changing the end product by introducing driverless autonomous connected vehicles, but affect the entire value chain, […]


Meghalaya – A Community-led Landscaping Management State

By Sagan Bazaz, Published on: 16th June 2022

The State of Meghalaya, one of the seven Sister States of the Northeast, has the most amount of natural resources. From rainfall to minerals and flora and fauna, it has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources. However, the development has been hampered by inefficient management of these resources. […]


“Metaverse Indoor Maps” for Virtual Reality Applications

By Pragati Tripathi, Published on: 30th May 2022

Metaverse, a portmanteau of the Greek term ‘Meta’ and the English word ‘Universe’, was first coined in a 1992 novel by Neal Stephenson named Snow Crash and envisioned it to be a computer-generated imaginary place that people explored using avatars to escape the dystopian reality. Almost 3 decades later, the […]


Top 8 Personal Cyber Security Tips

By Upkar Singh, Published on: 17th May 2022

Did you know? The internet has become a dangerous space filled with viruses, malicious links, and trojans. Cyber-attacks are happening more frequently, data breaches are becoming a regular occurrence, and a significant percentage of the unprotected online population is becoming more vulnerable. With only one click making you lose thousands […]


Lightning: An Atmospheric Hazard in India Likely to Get Worse in Future

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 29th April 2022

Over a period of 50 years, lightning strikes have been the leading cause of disaster-related deaths, but this phenomenon has not been formally recognized as a disaster. Lighting is acknowledged as one of the most powerful atmospheric hazards humankind has ever encountered. It is a rapid and massive discharge of electricity […]


Is 5G the future of telecom?

By Mark Jorgensen, Published on: 15th April 2022

Q1.What is the potential advantage of 5G over 4G? In basic terms, 5G means significantly more speed and greater capacity, delivered by an additional radio spectrum with low latency performance. The new network is enabled by introducing a high band spectrum (26-28 GHz) with combined spectrum use in the Low and […]