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Sustainability and Resilience of Human Health Sector Threatened by Climate Change

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 17th November 2022

Climate Change: The biggest threat facing humanity Human beings are exposed to health risks (disease) depending upon inherent factors (e.g., age, gender, and race), lifestyle or behavioural factors (e.g., excess weight, physical inactivity, or tobacco use), and environmental factors (e.g., exposure to air pollution). The environment is a significant determinant […]


Warming Threshold and Climate Shocks: COP27 and Inevitable Surprises

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 7th November 2022

Climate Change is a lived reality now. There is no doubt that human activities are changing the climate with clear consequences on the weather. Recent years have witnessed several weather extremes worldwide, and global warming exacerbates these extremes. The number of climate, weather, and water-related disasters has increased almost five-fold in […]


This Diwali, Light the Lamp of Your Inner Self

By Astha Dixit, Published on: 21st October 2022

This is not going to be a usual Diwali blog which tells you about what Diwali is, how it is celebrated and why is it celebrated. Through this blog I will try to share with you all a bigger picture and purpose of Diwali. Today, Diwali is in not limited […]


Cities and Climate Change: Is it time to reset and rethink urban resilience

By Shubhi Gupta, Published on: 14th October 2022

Climate change has emerged as one of the Earth’s most critical challenges. Increasing sea levels, droughts, floods, extreme weather conditions, and a reduction in wet days are all consequences of global warming. Unfortunately, the growing human population and accompanying economic activities have reduced the resilience of our cities to climate […]


How computer vision is reshaping different industries with varied applications and use cases?

By Parth Cholera, Published on: 28th September 2022

From my previous blogs, we now know much about computer vision, how it works, the major industry challenges, and how RMSI’s One-Stop, Easy-to-use AI-Powered Intelligent Computer Vision Solution can help its clients to overcome these concerns and challenges. This blog focuses on how businesses are reshaping their operations with the […]


Business Modernization & Cost Saving With Computer Vision

By Parth Cholera, Published on: 16th September 2022

Our last blog was about computer vision, how it works, challenges faced by the business, and its applications. This blog will Talk about how businesses can equip themself with computer vision capabilities and how RMSI enables industries in their digital transformation journey. RMSI helps businesses in designing, developing & implementing […]


What Is Computer Vision – And Why Is It Trending across Industries?

By Parth Cholera, Published on: 30th August 2022

Globally, the pandemic has completely transformed humans and industries regarding how we work, where we work, and what tools we use to be more productive. As a result, many new technology trends have emerged, and the need for Computer Vision Based Applications has also increased. While Computer Vision Based Applications […]


Leveraging Location Intelligence for Impactful Marketing Strategies

By Pragati Tripathi, Published on: 18th August 2022

Location-based marketing helps companies focus on consumers at an individual level, which also increases the level of awareness of the customer regarding the goods and services available to them in close vicinity. A business can target a user based on the user’s location by utilizing GPS in outdoor environments or […]


Shifting Coastlines – An Indicator of Global Climate Change Impact

By Niva Srivastava, Published on: 21st July 2022

NASA and U.S. Geological Survey estimate that almost 80% of Maldives could be impacted by 2050. In addition, World Economic Forum estimates that Dhaka, Bangladesh, Lagos, Nigeria, Bangkok, and Thailand could have vast tracts of their land submerged by 2100.  Glaciers are melting, rising sea levels, and more intense storms; […]