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Top 8 Personal Cyber Security Tips

By Upkar Singh, Published on: 17th May 2022

Did you know? The internet has become a dangerous space filled with viruses, malicious links, and trojans. Cyber-attacks are happening more frequently, data breaches are becoming a regular occurrence, and a significant percentage of the unprotected online population is becoming more vulnerable. With only one click making you lose thousands […]


Lightning: An Atmospheric Hazard in India Likely to Get Worse in Future

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 29th April 2022

Over a period of 50 years, lightning strikes have been the leading cause of disaster-related deaths, but this phenomenon has not been formally recognized as a disaster. Lighting is acknowledged as one of the most powerful atmospheric hazards humankind has ever encountered. It is a rapid and massive discharge of electricity […]


Is 5G the future of telecom?

By Mark Jorgensen, Published on: 15th April 2022

Q1.What is the potential advantage of 5G over 4G? In basic terms, 5G means significantly more speed and greater capacity, delivered by an additional radio spectrum with low latency performance. The new network is enabled by introducing a high band spectrum (26-28 GHz) with combined spectrum use in the Low and […]


What Is the Metaverse – And Why Is It So Talked About?

By Astha Dixit, Published on: 2nd March 2022

Globally, the pandemic has completely transformed how we work, where we work, and the tools we use to be productive. During this time, a new technology trend has emerged: the ‘metaverse’, a digital universe combining virtual reality and augmented reality to create an immersive experience. It is somewhat like discussing […]


The Five Vowels for a Security Manager

By Upkar Singh, Published on: 11th February 2022

“My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets”—remember the school days, how we used to place the sequence of planets in terms of their distance from the sun? Or “BB ROY Of Great Britain has a Very Good Wife”—that told us the resistance color codes? But somewhere as we […]


Methane Emissions: Why Methane Gas Emissions are Critical to Restrict Climate Change?

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 31st January 2022

Reducing global methane emissions, a powerful greenhouse gas, is the fastest opportunity to slow down the rate of global warming and win the fight against climate change. Carbon dioxide, a by-product of fossil fuel combustion, is the principal greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. However, other greenhouse gases also influence climate […]


Artificial Intelligence – Changing the Future of Farming

By Sajal Raj, Published on: 21st January 2022

With the advent of industry 4.0, we have witnessed many industries undergoing a paradigm shift as a result of technological advancement. However, there is still a lot of potential in agriculture that can be channelized. Approximately 60 percent of the Indian population works in this industry, contributing about 18 percent to […]


Gratitude: Giving Thanks in Business and Life

By Swati Kapur, Published on: 30th December 2021

For many, as we enter the holiday season, there is a universal sentiment of reminiscing the year gone by and expressing gratitude as we have navigated a pandemic together. As we near the end of the second year of living through a pandemic, 2021 has shown us that simple things […]


Extreme Weather Events and Pathways for a Climate Resilient India

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 30th November 2021

This year has been a climatic roller-coaster for India. Over the first seven months of this year, India has been hit by two cyclones, a glacier collapse in the Himalayas, a sweltering heat wave, and deadly floods. There was a time when these disparities were faulted solely on nature’s vagaries. […]