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Thinking about Esri’s Utility Network? Here is how to get started.

By Robert Brook, Published on: 31st October 2018

While the Utility Network (UN) is a significant enhancement in the utility landscape (one that many have waited years for), it also entails a substantial investment. The UN has deviations from the Geometric Network (GN) in both model structure as well as content. This makes it hard for one to […]


Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – An essential tool for risk management

By Manjeet Kaur, Published on: 30th September 2018

In September 2014, a chemistry teacher from a Colorado high school was demonstrating a spectrum of bright lines with a large flame for the class. The multi-colored flames generated a so-called rainbow effect, that would certainly impress the students. Unfortunately, while this demonstration was happening, four students were injured. All four of them suffered burns […]


The Journey of Artificial Intelligence (Part II)

By Parul Shukla, Published on: 11th September 2018

“Well begun is half done”, a quote familiar to all of us. The journey of AI that started almost 70 years back has now entered an exciting phase often referred to as the ‘AI revolution’ due to advances in deep learning. What started as a simple question, “Are there imaginable […]


GIS and IoT Helping ‘Power Grids’ Convert to ‘Smart Grids’

By Hitesh Nimbark, Published on: 16th August 2018

Last Sunday, at my residence in Dehradun, there was a power cut from early in the morning for almost 10 hours. I had an important assignment to complete for which I was required to work on my laptop. When I started working, my home inverter had only an hour of […]


Role of GIS in Disaster Management

By Pushpendra Johari, Published on: 31st July 2018

Disasters are spatial in nature as they strike at a specific location and influence a particular area. Hence, location intelligence plays a critical role in disaster management. GIS coupled with remote sensing provides a basic framework that helps in all the stages of disaster management starting from preparedness, to response and […]


The Journey of Artificial Intelligence (Part I)

By Parul Shukla, Published on: 18th July 2018

The fascination of humans to make powerful and intelligent machines has brought about a major technological revolution in the past decade. The persistence and hard work of many scientists, researchers and mathematicians over the years has resulted in a new era of intelligent machines or Artificial Intelligence. It all began […]


Green Week at RMSI

By Anup Chakraborty, Published on: 29th June 2018

World Environment Day is the United Nation’s most important day, celebrated on June 5 every year, to encourage worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began to be celebrated in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely […]


Transitioning to the New Utility Network Model

By Balaji Utha, Published on: 20th June 2018

Next Gen Utility Network Model The New Esri Utility Network Model, has redefined how utilities can manage and maintain their networks – from the existing geometric network model and versioning based solution to the new next gen utility network model. The new model provides a significantly higher level of engagement, […]