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Emerging Technologies in the Utility Industry

By Rahul Krishna Pandey, Published on: 14th February 2018

The technology world is buzzing with trends such as IoT, virtual & augmented reality and their applications in tools such as wearable devices and drones. One can witness the astonishing pace of progress that these tech-tools have made over the past few years and their application to the real world. […]


Pedaling to Promote a Greener City

By Shwetank Singh, Published on: 5th February 2018

When I was young, cycling used to be my favorite recreation. Every evening, cycling through the narrow lanes of my neighborhood with a bunch of friends was something I would look forward to. Gradually, cycling has evolved as a sport which is enjoyed by people across age groups. Not only […]


Fire Hazard and Risk Analysis for Revamping Fire Services in India

By Sushil Gupta, Published on: 30th January 2018

A country’s overall wellbeing highly depends on its ability to respond to crisis. Fire service is one of the the most critical emergency response services of a country. Fire authorities on all levels strive to preserve lives, property, and natural resources. It has been observed, that many emerging economies struggle […]


Remote Sensing & GIS – Unravelling the Mysteries of Geography

By Prateek Singh, Published on: 18th January 2018

Look around yourself, and then if I tell you that whatever you have seen, observed and visualized, can be captured, stored, checked, and be displayed as positions on the earth surface, will you be surprised! All this is possible and is actually being done by using ‘Geographic Information Systems’ (GIS). […]


Conserving Coral Reefs – ‘The Rain Forests of the Sea’

By Shwetank Singh, Published on: 4th January 2018

Seas and oceans with their clear blue waters are always intriguing. From imparting relaxation and calming vibes, to providing millions of people with a reliable food source, the sea plays an important role in our lives. They are also the most mysterious waterbodies found on earth. Even after so many […]


Ho! Ho! Ho! ….. It’s the Holiday Season!

By Pankaj Malik, Published on: 22nd December 2017

The ‘Holiday Season’ is an exciting time for people from all around the world as it is considered a time of joy, laughter, love and giving. Also known as the Christmas season, the holiday season is a much awaited time in the West, mainly the US, Canada and Europe. It […]


The Need for Climate Smart Agriculture

By Rachita Ruchi, Published on: 12th December 2017

When I was in school, my summer and winter breaks would be spent with my grandfather, planting vegetable seeds in our kitchen garden. Every day I would check on the growth of all the plants, and my happiness would know no bounds when a tiny speck of flower on a […]


RMSI Toastmasters Club – Leaders in the Making

By Anup Chakraborty, Published on: 28th November 2017

Communication is what keeps us connected to the world and is becoming increasingly important in our personal as well as professional lives. Possessing effective communication skills plays a very important role in expressing our thoughts. At RMSI, many of us meet new people each day at various forums – from […]


My Journey to the Hinterlands

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 14th November 2017

During my last 35 plus years of working experience in climate change and disaster, I have travelled around the world. Many times, to some of the remotest areas on the globe, executing projects on climate change, weather forecasting, agriculture and other related issues. Along with work, these journeys offer you […]


Planning Road Networks with GIS

By Tanuj Belwal, Published on: 31st October 2017

One fine Sunday morning, sitting in my balcony at the 12th floor, I gazed at the city expanse. Here I was in a perfect mood for a lazy Sunday, whereas my locality seemed buzzing with life! Small vendors setting shops, the never ending rush of vehicles on roads and the […]