Role of Historical Aerial Photographs in Assessing Land-use/Land-cover Changes

By Himanshu Pahava and Divjot Kaur, Published on: 21st December 2020

Human activities and natural phenomena such as population growth, deforestation, industrial expansion, local climatic conditions, and natural disasters cause massive Land-use & Land-cover (LULC) disruptions. In 2018, United Nations published a report on global land-use and land-cover changes showcasing the decline of global forest land by almost 4% since 1990, while urban […]


The Effect of 5G on Business Growth and Latest Trends

By Mark Jorgensen, Published on: 4th December 2020

The fifth-generation wireless network, 5G, took the tech world by storm when it was first introduced, not only for its groundbreaking technology but also for its potential to change our daily lives. Did you know that GSMA Mobile Economy estimates the presence of 1.8 billion 5G connections meaning by 2025, […]