Fire Hazard and Risk Analysis for Revamping Fire Services in India

By Dr. Sushil Gupta, Published on: 30th January 2018

A country’s overall wellbeing highly depends on its ability to respond to crisis. Fire service is one of the the most critical emergency response services of a country. Fire authorities on all levels strive to preserve lives, property, and natural resources. It has been observed, that many emerging economies struggle […]


Remote Sensing & GIS – Unravelling the Mysteries of Geography

By Prateek Singh, Published on: 18th January 2018

Look around yourself, and then if I tell you that whatever you have seen, observed and visualized, can be captured, stored, checked, and be displayed as positions on the earth surface, will you be surprised! All this is possible and is actually being done by using ‘Geographic Information Systems’ (GIS). […]


Conserving Coral Reefs – ‘The Rain Forests of the Sea’

By Shwetank Singh, Published on: 4th January 2018

Seas and oceans with their clear blue waters are always intriguing. From imparting relaxation and calming vibes, to providing millions of people with a reliable food source, the sea plays an important role in our lives. They are also the most mysterious waterbodies found on earth. Even after so many […]