Coronavirus Chronicles: How Social Distancing Can Help Flatten the Curve?

By Ragini Bhola, Published on: 31st March 2020

During a global pandemic, life takes on a surreal quality and brings forth an unimaginable change. The ubiquitous information flowing through social media and a constant fire wave of coronavirus news is giving us hard times and a feeling of constant anxiousness. CORONAVIRUS has infected more than three-quarters of a […]


Coronavirus: Its Severity, Impact and How Technology Can Help?

By Ragini Bhola, Published on: 13th March 2020

Looking at the severity of the viral outbreak, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the novel coronavirus as a global pandemic on Wednesday, 11th March, 2020 after it spread across the globe to six continents and more than 100 countries. As of March 13, 2020, over 134,804 cases have been confirmed in […]