Out On a Rainy Day

By Dr. Muralikrishna M, Published on: 21st August 2017

Monsoon season is a perfect example of a ‘Frenemy’ – `Friend’ when it rains just right and ‘Enemy’ when it rains too much! Friend for the farmers, enemy for a city dweller like me; Some love the petrichor, some detest it; some relate rains with hot tea and snacks, some […]


The RMSI Big Data Hackathon 2017

By Tarun Kumar, Published on: 4th August 2017

Truly, Big Data is the latest buzzword making waves in the technology world! When traditional intelligence fails to recognize the complex relationships between volume, variety, and variability of data, it is Big Data, which can pull together these disparate and voluminous data sets to cull out astounding insights. Big data […]