Safety Data Sheets (SDS) – An essential tool for risk management

By Manjeet Kaur, Published on: 30th September 2018

In September 2014, a chemistry teacher from a Colorado high school was demonstrating a spectrum of bright lines with a large flame for the class. The multi-colored flames generated a so-called rainbow effect, that would certainly impress the students. Unfortunately, while this demonstration was happening, four students were injured. All four of them suffered burns […]


The Journey of Artificial Intelligence (Part II)

By Parul Shukla, Published on: 11th September 2018

“Well begun is half done”, a quote familiar to all of us. The journey of AI that started almost 70 years back has now entered an exciting phase often referred to as the ‘AI revolution’ due to advances in deep learning. What started as a simple question, “Are there imaginable […]