Solar Storm: A Unique Natural Hazard Affecting the Earth’s System

By Dr. Pratap Singh and Dr. Murari lal, Published on: 28th May 2024

Earth faces many natural hazards, from hurricanes and cyclones to landslides, droughts, and earthquakes. But there’s another, often overlooked hazard in the space spectrum: “Solar Storms”, a unique natural hazard. Recently, an “extreme” G5 Geomagnetic Storm (celestial event also called aurora borealis or a solar storm) reached Earth on May […]


RMSI sets the tone at Geospatial World Forum, Rotterdam, 2024

By Shivangi Agarwal, Published on: 22nd May 2024

As a pioneer in geospatial services, RMSI recently co-sponsored the Geospatial World Forum at Rotterdam, Netherlands from 13-16th May, 2024. GWF is one of the largest global geospatial community events, gathering geospatial professionals and leaders representing the entire ecosystem of public policies, national mapping agencies, space agencies, private sector enterprises, […]