Methane Emissions: Why Methane Gas Emissions are Critical to Restrict Climate Change?

By Dr. Murari Lal, Published on: 31st January 2022

Reducing global methane emissions, a powerful greenhouse gas, is the fastest opportunity to slow down the rate of global warming and win the fight against climate change. Carbon dioxide, a by-product of fossil fuel combustion, is the principal greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. However, other greenhouse gases also influence climate […]


Artificial Intelligence – Changing the Future of Farming

By Sajal Raj, Published on: 21st January 2022

With the advent of industry 4.0, we have witnessed many industries undergoing a paradigm shift as a result of technological advancement. However, there is still a lot of potential in agriculture that can be channelized. Approximately 60 percent of the Indian population works in this industry, contributing about 18 percent to […]