Automated Conflation – The Rising Need of the Utility Industry

By Sridhar Devineni, Published on: 16th February 2017

Globally, utility network operations are increasingly facing the need to deploy integrated, more spatially accurate network data. More accurate data helps them in managing reliable asset networks efficiently while meeting stringent safety and regulatory requirements. The key challenge the utility industry faces in enhancing spatial data accuracy is business continuity, […]


Web-based Tools Helping Farmers to Practice Climate Smart Agriculture

By Dr. Uttam Singh, Published on: 2nd February 2017

Summary Development of web and mobile phone based agro-weather tool for dissemination of climate-information and weather forecast based best-bet agronomic management recommendations for farmers in Ethiopia and Kenya. The tool was developed by RMSI for the main cultivated crops in Ethiopia and Kenya. The disseminated climate and crop information helps […]