Autonomous Vehicle Market Scape and Future Growth Drivers

By Shashank Mishra, Published on: 30th June 2022

The automotive industry is at the cusp of a revolution fuelled by technological and business innovations. On the technology side, we have the advent of EVs, IoT, 5G, and AI/ML, which are not just changing the end product by introducing driverless autonomous connected vehicles, but affect the entire value chain, […]


Meghalaya – A Community-led Landscaping Management State

By Sagan Bazaz, Published on: 16th June 2022

The State of Meghalaya, one of the seven Sister States of the Northeast, has the most amount of natural resources. From rainfall to minerals and flora and fauna, it has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources. However, the development has been hampered by inefficient management of these resources. […]