A Realistic, Implementable Agricultural Value Chain Governance Platform for Sustainable Transformation

By Dr. Uttam Singh, Published on: 16th July 2020

Agriculture is a predominant sector in many African countries. Recent projections by the World Bank reveal that the agricultural potential in Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to increase the sector’s business to a trillion-dollar by 2030. Despite the immense potential, the agri sector in these regions encounters marginal improvement due to […]


Effective Right of Way (ROW) Mapping and Management

By Santosh Kumar B, Published on: 8th July 2020

Today, one of the major challenges for utilities is understanding the legal rights on their transmission Right of Way (ROW) and accessing private properties to fulfill the maintenance cycles of the transmissions assets. In the course of this process, companies are ending up in conflicts with private property owners, and […]