Automated Conflation – The Rising Need of the Utility Industry

By Sridhar Devineni, Published on: 16th February 2017

Globally, utility network operations are increasingly facing the need to deploy integrated, more spatially accurate network data. More accurate data helps them in managing reliable asset networks efficiently while meeting stringent safety and regulatory requirements.

The key challenge the utility industry faces in enhancing spatial data accuracy is business continuity, as enterprise wide users regularly access and use the GIS network database which is integrated with various enterprise and Asset Management systems. Other critical industry challenges include maintaining network data integrity to support various business workflows, optimizing the performance of network monitoring systems, improving operational efficiency for emergency & outage management and supporting regulatory compliance.

To address these key industry challenges, RMSI has developed “ConflateX”, a comprehensive data conflation solution that addresses the need for improved spatial accuracy and data integrity of both landbase and network asset database.

ConflateX™ helps to spatially align the existing geospatial data to a more spatially accurate landbase / street centerline / aerial imagery ensuring minimal to no business downtime.

Solution Highlights

  • Integrated workflows to handle large volumes of datasets. It has a sequentially programmed interface based on business rules to handle conflation of priority feature datasets
  • Supports all leading industry data formats, multiple inputs and reference sources
  • Conflates network database to target landbase, and/or aerial imagery
  • Business rules driven, highly customizable solution. It ensures consistency of rule definitions thereby avoiding contradiction among various rules and executes in a defined sequential order
  • Programmatically-driven links to ensure higher precision and relative accuracy. It brings source and target data very close to each other so as to establish unique identity and generate more control points automatically.

Business Benefits

  • Minimal freeze time – Phased seamless deliverables, ensuring minimum downtime impact to business
  • Assured zero data losses- Rule based approach, resulting in zero data, geometry, and attribute losses
  • Efficient handling of heterogeneous data shifts- Analyzes and reports distorted patterns, thereby facilitating best transformation algorithm for optimal results
  • Elimination of human errors – Highly automated process driven solution, ensuring cost optimization, and minimal manual intervention

“ConflateX™ is a feedback driven solution created to address the key industry challenges of minimum downtime and impact to business during conflation and realignment process. It has industry specific workflows that can be further customized, utilizing both automated and interactive conflation techniques to achieve operational objectives.

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