Integrated network design solutions to reduce FTTP Deployment risks

Increasing data consumption continues to drive the demand for high speed broadband services. In Australia, NBN co is undertaking further network investment to deliver Gigabit broadband capability to 75% of its premises passed, through full fibre (FTTP) and HFC services.  Over the next 2 years, NBN Co plans to upgrade 2M premises from FTTN to FTTP and overbuild fibre into the local network (LFN).

The key to success for deploying fibre in the local network is minimising the new build of Telecom duct infrastructure, otherwise leading to increased construction timeframes and capital expenditure.

The challenge in designing these networks is obtaining the bestuse of available duct network and minimise the cost of deployment.  This is amplified by the tapered and congested network in the local and customer lead-in ducts. In addition, variations occur when differences are found between virtual network records and the reality of the physical network.

Deployment of strong design & engineering capability helps overcome these challenges and reduces the total cost of ownership, delivery time and while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

nbn Program 

The nbn™ network is transitioning Australia to a digital future and will bring new opportunities to the whole country. 

In a typical nbn rollout region, each 1 km of new duct build avoided, saves ~3% in the overall deployment cost. Utilising a ‘real-time’ cloud-based application, accessible to both designers and field validation crews, brings collaboration to life and enables efficient production of construction ready network designs.

What we can do for the nbn program

RMSI has the deep domain knowledge & proprietary design tools, developed and fine-tuned specifically for the NBN program. Our capabilities provide for an integrated service solution covering all aspects of the design process from High Level Design, field survey and validation to ready to construct Final Designs.  We have supported delivery of the NBN program since its inception with our design and provisioning contributions through NBN Service Partners.

  • Streamlined processes to deliver construction ready designs

  • Maximised usage of existing infrastructure

  • Assessment of health, safety, environment and heritage risks and controls

“We reduce your FTTP deployment risk by providing end to end integrated design solutions, from High Level Design, Field Survey and Validation, through to Construction Ready Final Designs.

We’ve helped NBN Service Partners limit the extend of new build to under 5%.”

Why RMSI is a partner of choice for nbn engineering implementation? 

  • Guaranteed First Time Acceptance greater than 95%

  • Reduction in Total Cost of Deployment

  • Accelerating design deployment speed by 33% through automation (6 to 4 months per SAM) 

We are global engineering partners across the Telecommunications landscape, including active deployment on the NBN program since 2012.

Our portfolio of services

RMSI has a team of over 150+ trained and experienced designers with communications domain expertise. Our key value proposition is our unique ability to synthesize domain knowledge with technical capabilities. Across the Copper, Fibre (FTTN, FTTP, FTTC, FTTB, & P2P), HFC & Wireless networks, our key service offerings include:

  • Fixed Line and Mobile Networks Planning and Design of ISP and OSP
  • Planning and Design of Backbone/Transit, Distributionand Access Networks
  • Provisioning of Customer Orders
  • Wireless Towers Design
  • Land Access and Statutory Approvals documentation
  • Preparation of Construction Plans & Permit drawings
  • Detailed documentation of BoM, CAPEX, SLDs, and Splice Reports
  • As-built updates to the designs and Geospatial databases

RMSI has considerable experience and capability of executing multiple large scale GIS data management projects across Copper, Fiber (FTTP, FTTN, FTTC & FTTB) and HFC networks for both OSP and ISP. Our key service offerings include:

  • Plant Location Records (PLRs) Data Conversion or Migration
  • Engineering Work Order Posting
  • Data Maintenance (Asset & Landbase)
  • Network (OSP/ISP) Data Cleansing
  • Physical Network Inventory (PNI) Database Management
  • Drafting/migrating the designed networks into a GIS database such as SpatialNET

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