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7th April, 2020

RMSI online Personality Development initiative for you!

Hope you are exploring the online program on Personality Development and Effective Communication Skills over RMSI LearnX.

This program will help you communicate with ease while articulating your thoughts coherently. It will also help you hone your skills to be an effective communicator at work.

Although the program is self-paced, we recommend that you go through at least one session per day. After watching each video, you may post your feedback/queries in the comments section.

Feel free to contact us in case of any technical issues while joining and pursuing the course.

1st April, 2020

Important communication!

Hope you are well and safe.

The Waverock SEZ and Ascendas ODC facility has been in lockdown since March 22nd on instructions of the client and the government authorities. On March 23rd, we were asked by the client to initiate a ‘work from home’ pilot using 13 machines only. The machines were setup at homes of 13 employees and the pilot was implemented. Based on the results, we are now planning ‘work from home’ for SEZ team.

So far, there has been no production and revenue generation from Waverock SEZ and Ascendas ODC (client specific) since March 22nd. In view of this we have initiated various business continuity planning (BCP) measures. These include – the senior leadership has opted for a voluntary pay cut, reduction in fee of external consultants and postponement of the performance appraisals for the entire company.

Our primary objective is to minimize the impact on our employees in this extraordinary situation. As a first step, we are happy to report that despite the tough situation, we have credited full salaries for all employees on March 31st. Going forward, we request your cooperation for us to be able to pay salaries to all our SEZ and Ascendas ODC employees for the month of April 2020. For those of you, who are not ‘working from home’ we request you to avail paid leaves. This is a request as it will help us pay your full salary for April despite no production. Once we resume production we can decide at a future date on the other options regarding paid leave.

Request you to fill the attached form and share it with us as your acceptance.

Form —> URL:

Please ensure that you submit the form latest by Monday, 6th April.

31st March, 2020

Important communication!

As per our previous communication dated 21st March’20, we had requested you to proceed on leave from 22nd till 31st March. We were hoping that the situation will improve and we’ll be able to resume work effective 1st April’20. With the current nationwide lockdown till 14th April, we would like to share the below update with you:

  1. We have processed full salaries for all employees for the month of March’20 without adjusting any leave balance for this period.
  2. As the nationwide lock-down continues and as directed by the client, we are unable to resume work in the Waverock facility. We are currently working on mobilising ‘work from home’ for some of the employees who are located in Hyderabad city wherever feasible and based on project requirements.
  3. A few of our employees have gone back to their home towns, outside Hyderabad city. So, we are not able to facilitate ‘work from home’ for them.

    Please await for further communication from us on next steps.

26th March, 2020

RMSI online Personality Development initiative for you!

We hope you are safe and staying protected.

During this period of lockdown while you are at home, you must be wondering how to spend time and engage in something meaningful. For this purpose, we bring to you specially designed programs that will help you hone your personal and professional skills.

These programs will help in your personal development as you will develop skills on how to articulate your thoughts, express freely, assert yourself and develop your own style for communicating effectively.

Just log in to RMSI LearnX at and get started with these self-paced learning program in Communication, Assertiveness, Personality and Style.

Keep watching this space and stay tuned as there will be more to come!

Happy Learning!

26th March, 2020

IT Preparedness: Urgent!

Hope you are safe and keeping well.
You are requested to share the details required in the link below.

Please note that it is mandatory to share this information.

Please fill in the form by today without fail. It should not take more than a few minutes of your time.

25th March, 2020

COVID-19 Information Form

In view of the health and safety of our employees, we have implemented various preventive measures to check the spread of COVID-19.

One such preventive measure is to monitor the health of all our employees on a daily basis. Since you are not able to access EIS, we request you to fill the ‘COVID-19 Information Form’ on the link below:

Please note that this form needs to be filled every day without fail. Please read the questions carefully before responding and do not share more than one response on any given day.

The HR team will be monitoring your health based on the information in the form. We request your cooperation in sharing these details at the start of the day.

21st March, 2020

Circular to RMSI employees working out of Waverock facility

This is to advise you that the Waverock facility will not be available from 22nd March till 31st March. Hence, we are requesting all of you to proceed on leave from 22nd March till 31st March. Please be prepared to report back on duty on 1st April.

Please continue to follow the below guidelines without fail:

  1. COVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATES: The company will keep you informed on any updates regarding COVID-19 through email from HR. This information will be updated on RMSI Connect also. Do not believe in any other source of information.\
    If you:
    a) have been in any contact with anyone with a COVID positive/suspect case OR
    b) have been in any contact with anyone who has been in contact with a COVID positive/suspect case
    c) then it is mandatory for you to immediately report to your reporting manager and HR on Please do not come to office until you have been authorized by HR to do so. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND CRITICAL.
    a) If you are feeling unwell then you must work from home and immediately inform your reporting manager and HR. Please get in touch with your doctor, hospital/covid helpline, as you feel necessary. DO NOT COME TO OFFICE UNLESS AUTHORISED.