Energy and Utilities

Integrated GIS for managing transmission, distribution and integrity management of utility assets

RMSI provides domain specific enterprise GIS solutions to utilities helping them meet their key challenges of improving operational efficiencies, reducing operations costs, improving asset management, optimizing capacity, mitigating risks and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

RMSI is an Esri Utility Network Management Specialty Partner

Key Differentiators

RMSI has a well-defined QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service) based performance monitoring and reporting system comprising of SLA metrics (cost, quality & timely delivery). For several clients, RMSI continuous improvement processes have translated into direct reduction of efforts and cost by around 25% over a period of 3-year program.

RMSI provide a wide spectrum of services right from LiDAR data processing to analysis and report generation to derive high level of analysis, intelligence, and visualization

Future technologies of utilities need to be designed in such a way that they are ready to handle future demands such as Distributed Generation, Grid Modernization, Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). RMSI’s application development services for Energy and Utilities help to consolidate GIS / Asset Management services of clients to improve the overall efficiency of their business operations.

Utilities require a greater degree of quality, completeness and connectivity of their asset data in order to achieve customer engagement, reliability, and safe restoration. Utilities find it difficult to identify the benefits of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) due to non-availability of reliable, up-to-date and actionable asset information from GIS

Utility – LiDAR Solution and Services Portfolio

Vegetation Management: Our LiDAR specific tools allows us to run vegetation mapping while reducing vegetation related outages due to encroachments and wind or “blow-out” dangers. In addition to standard vegetation clearance reports, RMSI can provide advanced predictive analysis capabilities developed for the forestry and wildfire hazard modeling.

Structural Analysis: RMSI provide following structural analysis using LiDAR data:

  • Pole Construction Type
  • Number of Anchor
  • Pole Threat
  • Cable Sag

Clearance Analysis (Reporting of high-risk field assets): From LiDAR data along with our smart algorithms we can provide you safety distances from each feature of the network (e.g. poles, wires, towers, span) to any existing/ or proposed elements within the area of interest (e.g. buildings, other wires, ground, roads, etc.) that helps utilities to check if the safety distances required are being respected or violated, as well as to set different levels of infringements for further actions on the network.

Utility Assets 3D Modelling: Modelling overhead lines, structures, terrain and vegetation features. 3D engineering models constructed from actual field “as built” surveys that precisely map the relationship between all of the natural and man-made utility ROW features.

Utility Network Digital Transformation (UNDT)

RMSI is designated Esri Utility Network Management Specialty partner and is helping utilities to gear up for transition to the Esri utility network model. To support utilities in this transition, we have leveraged our domain knowledge and Esri understanding to develop a series of solutions that come together in what we call the Utility Network Digital Transformation (UNDT).

RMSI has an innovative approach to the Utility Network migration for all possible cases.

Big Bang: Some organizations have clear benefits, strong organizational alignment and are ready to develop a business case and move forward. For these utilities, we have a waterfall process to move them effectively and efficiently.

Stage Wise: Other organizations see a number of benefits, but each will require different levels of effort to realize, recently completed expensive integrations, existing rate cases or long-range plans that don’t include the utility network or have a challenging environment. For such utilities, there is a need to deploy the Utility Network in a phased manner.

We have an innovative approach for you! One that leverages your existing plan, delivers quick wins and let’s you plan for more complicated and expensive components.

GIS Application Development

Web GIS Solutions:

Design and development of web-based GIS for viewing, searching and analyzing, as well as, various business-driven and customized modules for utilities

Mobile Data Collection Applications:

Application design and development for mobile to enhance the capability of users to perform effective and efficient data collection from the field, as well as, data storage, data management, data validation, analysis and reporting.

GIS System Integration:

An enterprise GIS implementation often includes integrations as a critical success factor. RMSI’s has an extensive experience in implementing Enterprise ArcGIS and integrated GIS applications with third party hardware and software, including firmware, ENMS, CRM, Enterprise Asset Management (Maximo and SAP) and SCADA.

RMSI provides end-to-end asset data management solutions comprising data readiness studies, data collection, consolidation, migration, maintenance, and optimization.  We focus on building a dedicated asset data life-cycle management program that includes data profiling, collation, quality assessment, cleansing, testing, validation, and maintenance to ensure the asset data quality. Our solutions help utilities in three ways:

Assessment & Planning

  • Data Readiness & Gap Assessment
  • Asset Condition Assessment
  • Roadmap for Data Life-Cycle


  • Records Conversion and Integration
  • Data Cleansing & Enhancement
  • Data Consolidation


  • Work Order Processing and Posting into GIS
  • As-built Updates
  • Service Record Updates


Many utilities developed the network data with reference to legacy landbase which has inherent spatial accuracy issues that impacts utility’s business operations in several ways. RMSI’s automated conflation solution – ConflateX, with proprietary algorithms that help conflating the data with over 70% automation and 100% data integrity.

Next Generation Auto Conflation:

RMSI ConflateX™ is a scalable data conflation solution that addresses the key business challenges of improving spatial accuracy and data integrity of network assets by aligning them to a more precise and accurate real-world system.

ConflateX™ has industry specific workflows that can be further customized, utilizing both automated and interactive conflation techniques to achieve operational objectives.

Solution Highlights

  • Integrated workflows to handle large volumes of datasets
  • Supports all industry data formats, multiple inputs & reference sources
  • Conflates network to target landbase, and aerial imagery
  • Business rules driven, highly customizable solution
  • Program-driven links to ensure higher precision & relative accuracy
  • Dynamic cell based transformation, to avoid conventional rubber-sheeting
  • Comprehensive audit trails and in-built quality reporting tools

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