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Navigation and Mapping

Intelligent maps for an autonomous world

RMSI is the world’s leading provider of digital map data development, maintenance, and enhancement services. We have over two decades of experience and have worked for most of the large global map data providers.

RMSI’s competitive advantages is its unique ability to offer complete solutions that encompass both data and enterprise application development, thereby providing end to end solutions to its clients. RMSI mapping solutions facilitate effective management of information, integration of processes, increased productivity, performance, transparency, and more informed decision making.

RMSI has an in-house team of over 3,500 mapping specialists, with over 10 years of demonstrable experience of working on large projects related to:

  • Navigation: SD Maps – ADAS maps – HD Maps – Indoor Mapping
  • Annotation & Labeling: Training Datasets for Autonomy
  • Mapping: Cadastral Maps 3D/2D – Smart City 3D Maps – Remote Sensing

Key Differentiators

We help organisations to accelerate the development of maps and navigation solutions by providing cost-effective high-quality at scale solutions through a combination of Machine Learning, AI and humans in the loop.


100% in line quality coupled with ANSI based sampling, ensuring consistent accuracy >98%


Industry leading upskilling program, large scale quick ramp-ups of upto 1000+ resources in 3 weeks

Data Security

ISO 27001 certified processes ensuring high data confidentiality and control over supply chain

Cost Effective

Human & tech-enabled combination ensuring lowest TCO

AI-Based Platform

Independent AI-based platform enabling 3rd party algorithm integration

Turn Around Time

Infrastructure & workforce options reducing delivery time from months to weeks

Delivering from “Source to Solution”. Building innovative technologies to bring autonomy in navigation map creation and maintenance for safer and faster mobility.
Enterprise grade custom annotation & labeling services addressing your training data needs with automated tools, human annotators to reduce curation fallouts and a powerful workflow driven AI-enabled platform.
Providing image processing services to create and update geographic datasets for a variety of end users. These ranges from geospatial data capture, land use planning and urban and rural infrastructure planning to maintenance using both VHR to low resolution imagery

RMSI has more than two decades of robust experience in navigation data development, maintenance and enhancement. RMSI adopts new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to transform production of next generation navigation maps.

Our Navigation Map framework is based on NDS (Navigation Data Standards) and ADASIS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) standards. We have skilled experts experienced in multiple technologies such as sensor data, LiDAR, high resolution aerial imagery, probes and 2D/3D images.

In addition to outdoor navigation maps, RMSI also has demonstrable experience in creating and maintaining indoor venue maps from multiple input sources such as CAD drawings and PDF venue maps.

Key services:

  • Standard Definition
    • Street Network Digitization and Realignment
    • POI and Addressing (Source to solution)
    • Attribute, Road Sign, Navigation Rules
  • ADAS Complaint Maps
    • Gradient & Curvature, Lane Information, Traffic Signs
    • Lane Markings, Number of Lanes, Speed Limits
  • High Definition Maps
    • HD Maps for Autonomous Driving
    • Mobile Video Mapping and Data Collection
  • 3D Modeling
    • Road Network
    • Digital Twin of Road Network
    • Indoor Maps

RMSI has expertise in offering enterprise-grade custom annotation & labeling services. We help accelerate the development of AI/ML models by providing high-quality annotation and labelled data at scale through a combination of tech and humans in the loop.

We help you prepare a wide range of training datasets to train, tune and validate your vehicle/robot perception and prediction models.

We have expertise in Images, Videos or 3D LiDAR and Text

Key services include:

  • Object Detection and Localization
  • Object Tracking
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Ground Truth from Sensor Fusion
  • Geo Annotation
  • Key point Annotation

RMSI is an expert in procurement and processing of satellite imagery (LR, HR and VHR) into quality raster data products. This involves removal of distortions and noise within the images, color balancing in case of multi-band, ortho-rectification, DEM & contour and change detection.

RMSI’s photogrammetry services provide an efficient and cost-effective means of topographic mapping, DEM-generation, ortho-photo generation and mosaic. Using photogrammetry approach, RMSI has created 3D geo-database for 95 cities worldwide (approximate 7,585 sq. km area).

RMSI’s integrated processes for conversion include scanning, digitizing (heads-up), data layering, fitting/geo-positioning, linking of spatial data with textual data, statistical batch quality assurance/quality control, topological cleaning and translation into final output.

Key services:

  • 2D/3D Feature Extraction
  • Geo-database Management
  • 2D/3D Cadaster Data Models
  • 3D City Models and Photorealistic 3D Landmarks
  • LiDAR Point Cloud Processing

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