Solution to Optimize Spatial Investments

ConflateX™ is a scalable data conflation solution that addresses the key business challenges of improving spatial accuracy and data integrity of network assets by aligning them to a more precise and accurate real world system.

The solution helps utilities in handling their increasing need to deploy integrated and more spatially accurate network data. This helps them in managing reliable asset networks efficiently while meeting stringent safety and regulatory requirements.

ConflateX™ has industry specific workflows that can be further customized, utilizing both automated and interactive conflation techniques to achieve operational objectives.

Conflated 10,400 miles of gas distribution network to positionally accurate landbase, and to aerial imagery where landbase was not available

Key Functionalities:

  • Integrated workflows to handle large volumes of datasets
  • Supports all industry data formats, multiple inputs & reference sources
  • Conflates network to target landbase, and/or aerial imagery
  • Business rules driven, highly customizable solution
  • Programmatically-driven links to ensure higher precision & relative accuracy
  • Dynamic cell based transformation, to avoid conventional rubber-sheeting
  • Comprehensive audit trails and in-built quality reporting tools
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