Profiler for Insurance Exposure & Risk

PIER™ is an exposure and risk tracking solution that utilizes geospatial technologies to improve identification, assessment, pricing and monitoring of risk across various lines of business. PIER™ provides business users with an integrated view of exposure, hazard and business data at pincode resolution for the entire country. PIER™ unlocks valuable information hidden in your seemingly disparate data by analyzing geographic/ location linkages.

The pioneering solution provides key insights and actionable information for decision support at various stages of the risk management life cycle: Underwriting, Hazard Assessment, Accumulation Monitoring, NatCat Scenario Modeling.

Coverage: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

…..PIER hazard risk scores have greatly improved Underwriting and Risk Management effectiveness and efficiency. PIER helps us to understand our location wise exposure to revise our underwriting strategy with respect to over and under exposed locations……

Ritika Masurekar, AVP – Underwriting
HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Ltd.

Key Functionalities:

  • Asia wide hazard zones for flood, earthquake and cyclone
  • Comprehensive risk profile report
  • User defined zonation capability for accumulation monitoring
  • Exposure upload at various resolutions across Asia
  • Asia wide exposure accumulation thresholds by hazard zones
  • Accumulation monitoring across any geographic boundaries
    including user-defined blocks
  • NATCAT scenario modeling
  • Visualization of FAC risk distribution
  • Easy integration with existing BI/DW solutions
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