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Internet users generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. With this incessant surge in the amount of data produced across the globe multiple industries are emphasizing on content monitoring and moderation.

We have two decades of extensive experience in delivering customized monitoring and moderation solutions on content that is published, user-generated, or over social media channels. We use all types of input sources including text, image and video.

Our moderation services are real time, high quality and follow a machine learning (ML) based approach with algorithms that moderate content automatically and solve a wide range of industry use cases.

Types of Content Moderation

Our high performing professionals use AI-enabled tools to create bounding boxes and segmentation that accelerate training data requirements with highest quality, accuracy and scalability. Our combination of humans and machine learning is built to solve a wide range of use cases. Our goal is to power innovation at all places.


‘Content moderation generated by artificial intelligence (Al) empowers online enterprises to scale rapidly and enhance the content quality’


Published text on the internet may contain terms that are toxic, insulting, obscene or threatening. Content moderation of texts, analyzes, evaluates, and edits content to remove profanity, threatening language, & other unwanted content.


A business’ online branding can be tarnished once it is correlated with explicit, disrupting, and obnoxious images. Image moderation assists to monitor such pictures and moderates them for online users.



Globally, a humongous volume of video content is generated and circulated each day. Video content moderation enable removal of offensive content in the videos, making the online platforms free from inappropriate and obnoxious content.

Industries We Serve

Social Media

Social media posts can be objectionable, carry false information, promote cyber bullying, spam, and add up to flourish atrocities. A leverage is essential to restrict any objectionable or offensive circumstances to keep the content clean and maintain a detest free environment on social media. Content moderation plays a vital role in eliminating the post and videos related to heinous crime, animal cruelty, and violence that can bother people emotionally or mentally, before they go viral.


Published content such as news articles or blogs, usually get feedback from readers. Readers can comment, like, dislike or share them. Seemingly, some comments are indecorous or provocative to cause disruption. Content moderation for publishing industry helps in eliminating such comments, hatred, and false information to keep the section virtuous. News articles to blogs and the videos uploaded online, moderation can be conducted for all. Spam is also an important element of disturbance where moderation comes to rescue.


User generated content can grow a business’ website hits, product reviews and social media following. Content moderation not only ensures that offensive, disturbing or any derogatory content does not go to the main website but also assists in escalating traffic and search engine rankings. For example: positive customer reviews on a website increase the trust of a new customer. Increased user generated content eventually captivates more traffic, and increases engagement rate. A well moderated website fosters higher convenience and satisfaction among site visitors.