Solutions for sustainable forest management, livelihood development, and REDD+

Forests play a vital role in day to day human life. However, threatening complexities such as climate change and global warming have created the need for sustainable management of these natural resources.

RMSI provides technical and consulting solutions to government and private enterprises engaged in forestry and environment. RMSI has demonstrable experience in a variety of forestry applications including sustainable development of forest resources, livelihood planning, prioritization of biodiversity, support services for REDD+ program, carbon sequestration studies, environment & social impact assessment studies and development of forest resource information systems.

RMSI has an in house multidisciplinary team comprising experts from forestry, environment, agro-forestry, biodiversity, and sociology domains. We have successfully executed projects for clients such as FAO, World Bank, Government of Mozambique, Ministry of Agriculture (Saudi Arabia), INBAR, IUCN, Lanworth and other organizations across the world.


Biodiversity Enumeration and Conservation Studies

Global anthropogenic pressures are threatening our biodiversity, hence, making conservation indispensable. RMSI experts conduct various biodiversity enumeration and conservation studies involving habitat parameters, such as land cover, species composition, fragmentation, disturbance and biological richness etc., These studies help to precisely estimate the potential area of a particular species and its composition. Key services include:

  • Flora and fauna assessment
  • Biodiversity assessment at landscape level
  • Biodiversity conservation in hot spot areas
  • Habitat suitability modeling
  • Biodiversity potential loss assessment due to climatic/anthropogenic pressure

Analytical Services for Forest Management

The ever increasing human population poses a growing pressure on forest resources. Hence, there is a crucial need to monitor the forest dynamics and maintain their sustainability. Using RS & GIS techniques coupled with domain expertise, RMSI offers  mapping of forest resources to identify non wood forest products (NWFPs) and merchantable timber volumes. Further, our subject experts help in assessment of timber volume dynamics and deforestation rates. We offer a variety of analytical services for forest management including:

  • Biomass productivity and carbon dynamics
  • Land Use/Land Cover Change
  • Ecosystem services
  • Forest vulnerability

Forest Resource Information Systems

RMSI develops forest resource information systems using satellite imagery coupled with field inputs and generate a spatial database which can be linked to physical forest attributes. This spatial data can be updated or monitored regularly using latest satellite imagery. These information systems act as dashboards sharing crucial information with the client and helping them take informed and quick decisions in cases such as deforestation, degradation and for sustainable management of forest resources.

Sustainable Livelihood Development Planning

RMSI creates comprehensive GIS databases using satellite data, thematic maps, socio-economic data and field expertise. These databases with multiple layers of information serve as a key reference for planners/ decision makers in providing Sustained Secured Livelihoods (SSL) to the local communities through forest based industry development. Key services include:

  • Planning and decision making for livelihood development for agro-based industry
  • Planning of Village Level Information System (VLIS)
  • Environmental sustainability modeling
  • Suitability modeling for community forestry for sustaining the livelihood
  • Timber/crop suitability mapping

Training and Capability Development

As a general practice, all RMSI projects are backed by training and development to develop long term capacities of the stakeholders. This helps in ensuring long term usability and benefits of our solutions. RMSI offers training in the areas of:

  • Forest survey and sampling
  • RS, GIS & GPS techniques for forest inventory and mapping
  • Spatial representation of forest resources
  • Data integration, modeling and analytics for forest conservation and management

Accurate data on emissions, monitoring, measurement, reporting and verification (M&MRV). Know more on our REDD+ services..