We are Africa's leading mineral exploration and resource development consultancy

Globally, there is an ever increasing demand of mineral resources due to rapid urbanization and industrialization. This has brought tremendous pressure on these resources and created the need for better utilization and sustainable exploration practices.

RMSI provides technical and consulting solutions to mining companies spanning all phases of the exploration cycle – from due diligence, mapping, surveys, to resource estimation.

RMSI has a focused engagement model, where the on-site operations are handled by our local experts and the core mapping and interpretation activities are undertaken at our global research centre in India. We have a multidisciplinary team comprising of expert geologists, geophysicists and earth scientists that bring forth domain expertise and technological innovation to each project.

Through our customized and innovative solutions, we significantly reduce the operational costs and turnaround time for our clients by minimizing the number of exploratory drilling, thereby maximizing their return on investments.  We have a large presence in the African continent with a project footprint in 15 African countries and 5 countries in South East Asia.


Consultancy Services

We design exploration programs and conduct due diligence of mineral resources. We undertake resource reporting based on internationally accepted standards such as JORC / SAMREC.Our offerings include:

  • Exploration program design
  • Exploration project management
  • Asset due diligence
  • Feasibility reporting
  • Resource reporting
  • Market assessment studies

Mapping & Survey

RMSI offers a wide range of mapping and survey solutions supported by in-house survey equipment and our trained experts for a range of commodities. These include Iron ore, Manganese, Chromite, Limestone, Bauxite, Coal, Gold, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Diamond, Natural Gas and Coal Bed Methane. Key solutions include:

  • Geological mapping (Field/Satellite based)
  • Geophysical survey (Magnetic, IP/resistivity, electromagnetic, and radiometric)
  • Target prioritization and drilling plan
  • Resource and reserve estimation

Geological Data Management

With a growing global portfolio of exploration projects that generate large amounts of heterogeneous data, mining companies struggle to standardize, manage and store the growing piles of data across regions. RMSI provides specialized solutions for creation, conversion, and management of geoscience data. This framework has proven substantial time and cost savings. Key solutions include

  • Data cleansing and standardization
  • Data extraction and transformation
  • Metadata creation and cataloging
  • Data verification and Validation
  • Data migration and integration

Defining Mineral Resource Corridors

RMSI has proven experience in defining mineral resource corridors through advanced analysis of the client’s existing geological data and prospects. Our offering includes a dynamic ‘Mineral resource corridor decision support system’, that integrates all existing databases into a  single platform. The system runs a variety of analytics to highlight a priority mineral corridor. The application is ‘Dynamic’ in nature as it has the capability to import new databases and define new mineral corridor based on the updated data. The DSS includes various data layers and scenarios designed for analyses including:

  • Mineral occurrence
  • Infrastructure
  • Water resource
  • Landuse & landcover
  • Mineral lease holding
  • Socio-economic
  • Population density

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