A mapping company of the future - from specifications creation to final product

RMSI is one of the world’s leading providers of navigation map development, maintenance, and enhancement services. We have over two decades of experience and have worked with most of the large global navigation map data providers.

We have an in-house team of over 3,500 mapping specialists, and have a demonstrable experience of working on large map data projects that required significant ramp up and training within a short turnaround time. RMSI is currently implementing one of the largest ongoing greenfield map data initiative.

In addition to outdoor navigation maps, RMSI also has demonstrable experience in creating and maintaining indoor venue maps from multiple input sources such as CAD drawings and PDF venue maps.


HD Maps

RMSI is working on new mapping technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that can transform production of next generation High Definition (HD) maps for emerging applications like autonomous vehicles. We have the required skillsets to create HD maps using sensor data such as LiDAR and high resolution aerial imagery. Our mapping framework is based on NDS (Navigation Data Standards) and ADASIS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) standards.

Our HD mapping service offerings are broadly classified by the following two main objectives:

  1. Development and Maintenance of HD Maps for Autonomous Driving – These include new map data development based on either standardized specifications such as NDS and ADASIS standards, or custom specifications tailored for very specific use cases. Our proprietary algorithms and workflows are based on the following five step process:
    • Input Sensor Data Cataloguing & Quality Validation – Quality checking, data alignment, point density, survey control alignment, random noise, tiling & cataloguing
    • Data Classification & Extraction – Topography Elements (road surface, lanes, lane boundary, lane connectivity, lane markings, splines, intersections, parking spaces, building façade), complex break lines (curb lines, pavement, sidewalk, pedestrian crossings, dividers), road furniture (signs, traffic signals, poles, trees and green area
    • Attribution & Labelling – Labelling & auto attribute transfer, assign/remove navigation attributes, attribute integration to street/lane network
    • Quality Control & Assurance – Lane connectivity checks, attribute relationships, connectivity, segments with same start and end point, chain break errors
    • 3D HD Map Output – Detailed HD map based on NDS format, client specific data model
  2. Enhancement & Enrichment of Existing Map Data Products – These largely include content enhancement of existing maps and content correction based on user feedbacks

Map Pro - RMSI’s proprietary suite of integrated tools for end to end map data development

Indoor Venue Maps

RMSI provides indoor venue map data creation and maintenance services to indoor positioning application providers, map data providers, and large retail chains, amongst others. We create and convert indoor venue map data from multiple resources, (CAD/PDF) following AVF (Apple Venue Format) standards.

We help our clients in creating a unique ‘in-store’ navigation experience for their customers and in accurately guiding them to various points of interest within the venue. Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of different types of indoor venues such as airports, museums, stadiums, stores, malls, hospitals, etc. Key steps include:

  • Geo-referencing of floor plans
  • Capturing of sub-structures within each level, such as rooms, elevators, escalators & stairs
  • Capturing of immovable architectural features and other structures within a level such as walls, doorways, and shelving units.
  • Building topology & logical connectivity of indoor features
  • Capturing of attributes from floor plans, visitor maps, directories, etc
  • Internet research to add additional attributes such as opening hours, phone numbers & any other client specified details
  • Data delivery in client compatible formats