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Integrated GIS for managing transmission and distribution networks

RMSI helps utilities to design, store, manage, and maintain network information to operate distribution infrastructure safely, efficiently, and profitably using integrated CAD and GIS tools, with the best of the breed technologies

Our comprehensive GIS solution offerings include consulting & ideation, to actual implementation & post implementation support. Our solutions span the entire value chain from records conversion and management, to supporting critical engineering and business applications for electric transmission and distribution networks.

RMSI’s key value proposition is its unique ability to synthesize strong domain knowledge with technical abilities. Our solutions are backed by proven expertise in consulting, analysis, design and implementation of enterprise solutions. Our technology agnostic approach allows us to implement solutions grounds up or take over existing investments in technology by our clients.


Asset Data Management

RMSI develops high quality, cost effective data management solutions using the industry best breed of technologies and process innovations for managing assets. Our solutions are specifically tailored to our customer’s needs and help them face the challenges of handling their ever growing assets, infrastructure and diverse business processes. Key services include:

  • Records Conversion and Integration
  • Establishing Primary/ Secondary Connectivity
  • Data Conflation and Realignment
  • Reactive Change-out & Field Order Forms Update
  • Asset Condition Assessment
  • Work Order Processing and Posting into GIS

Network Management

RMSI leverages its unique ability of sythesizing domain knowledge with technical capabilities to provide focused solutions in network management. Our solutions help our clients in improving the reliability, integrity and traceability of their networks.

  • T&D Network Mapping
  • Duct Configuration & Station Modelling
  • Geo-schematics
  • ROW Vegetation Management
  • LiDAR Data Mapping
  • Data Readiness for Smart Grid

Enterprise GIS

RMSI develops custom applications to seamlessly integrate existing geospatial data with other business & operational support systems. We help our clients in optimizing their operational workflows thereby enhancing performance and service reliability. In case of complex projects, we specialize in developing smart in-house tools to enhance productivity, efficiency and achieve maximum quality compliance.

  • Data Discovery & Gap Analysis
  • T&D Data Model Design and Development
  • CAD/GIS Integration
  • Enterprise Asset Management Integration with GIS
  • Technology Migration/Upgrade
  • Custom Application Development
Smart Network Designs to Optimize Existing Infrastructure Usage