This Diwali, Light the Lamp of Your Inner Self

By Astha Dixit, Published on: 21st October 2022

This is not going to be a usual Diwali blog which tells you about what Diwali is, how it is celebrated and why is it celebrated. Through this blog I will try to share with you all a bigger picture and purpose of Diwali.

Today, Diwali is in not limited to the Hindu community only, it is also enjoyed and celebrated by many different communities. For instance, this day is honoured in Jainism as the day of Lord Mahavira’s nirvana, or spiritual awakening. In Sikhism, it honours Guru Hargobind Ji’s release from prison on October 16, 1612. Buddhists in India celebrate Diwali as well.

The real meaning of Diwali

The reason behind celebrating Diwali changes from belief to belief but the core remains same, which is inclined towards ‘a new start’, a wave of positivity, and moving on. As the festival comes closer, the first and foremost thing in the preparation list is “cleaning” our homes, offices, shops, etc., But there’s one more aspect many of us overlook. While physical cleaning is important, but so is cleaning your inner self, eliminating negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. An individual’s inner self is composed of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. The inner self is the real self. Cluttered inner space creates feelings of burden and stress, similar to a cluttered house. We don’t even know what occupies the space until we sit down and clean them both – ourselves and the house. It is also explained in the Bhagavad Gita why one should clear their minds and keep them “clean as mirrors.”

De-Cluttering your inner self  

The practice of good deeds and self-introspection cleanses our inner self. This Diwali, let’s de-clutter our inner self with these simple steps

  • Take time to forgive and seek forgiveness in your heart
  • Let go of things, people, and situations that no longer serve you well, as holding on to past events blocks forward progress
  • The practice of meditation brings peace to the mind
  • Engage in activities that bring you satisfaction and happiness, such as dancing, cooking, or exercising regularly
  • Create a wishlist and work on it
  • Make yourself your best friend and keep an eye on yourself for regular cleansing

The world around us feels lighter and more beautiful when we feel the same from within. Your mind cannot shine like a sparkling mirror until it becomes pure, soft and peaceful, which is the ultimate goal in life.

This Diwali, enlighten your life and shine through your aura by lighting the lamp of your inner self.

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