Transitioning to the New Utility Network Model

By Balaji Utha, Published on: 20th June 2018

Next Gen Utility Network Model

The New Esri Utility Network Model, has redefined how utilities can manage and maintain their networks – from the existing geometric network model and versioning based solution to the new next gen utility network model. The new model provides a significantly higher level of engagement, insights, performance, and scalability to clients in managing their network and assets.

This shift presents a significant opportunity for clients to leverage from this transformational change and transition to the new utility network model.

RMSI’s Utility Network Digital Transformation (UNDT) Framework

To help clients manage this transition, RMSI has developed a proprietary Utility Network Digital Transformation (UNDT) Framework that significantly eases the entire process and ensures a successful transition on time and as per budget, right from defining the road map to the actual migration.

The UNDT framework leverages RMSI’s strong domain knowledge, over two decades of partnership with Esri, involvement in the New Model Beta program, and market feedback regarding the key challenges in moving to the new model. It has streamlined processes and tools for each phase of the transition process. Key highlights include

  • Structured work flow process with in-built validations at all stages
  • Customizable and configurable ETL Scripts and automations
  • Data migration quality reports to assess the quality of the migrated data output
  • Migration time window, incremental data migration
  • Zero data loss and 100% database integrity

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